Please help me(Urgent) - funding question


I have received a PhD studentship offer from a UK university. I am from Sri Lanka. The funding information states that it covers
"tuition fees and a stipend of 13590 GBP and it is open to students from all countries."

I am awaiting the formal offer letter. I am a little tense that can the university ask me to pay the difference in tuition fees for EU students and international students? If they do, I wont be able to afford it....:-(

Can someone please help me in understanding this.... Please


Please help me on this. I am freaking out!


Which university and department is it? This sort of information should be on their website and certainly in the offer they make you.


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Sorry for the earlier post. I was confused. It looks like there is no worry about paying the difference if it mentions all the countries. Best of luck !


It depends on the university and the terms/conditions of whoever is providing the funding for the project. It would be best to contact them directly as we can't be sure.

If it said it's open to students from all countries, it's likely that they will cover the extra fees, but you really need to ask them.


hey - don't freak out! If they made you the offer and made no mention of additional fees that means you are covered, presuming you applied with all the information about your nationality and visa status. That means (like me) you are in receipt of a fully funded PhD (unless it's a research council funding stream it's their own business whether you are UK/EU or international), and a stipend!! So that's all good news. good luck.


Thanks. I hope they do not ask me to pay the difference.