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Cambridge PhD application (written work)

I think as a general rule you should avoid doing something that will create work for those assessing your application. They already have dozens of applications to read through - all with proposals, statements of purpose, and written work. I cannot imagine that they would be happy to receive a 21,000 word thesis, especially when they have stated that brevity would be considered desirable. Instead of submitting the whole thing and expecting them to pick out the bits that they 'want' to read, it would be a much better idea for you to do this yourself and submit one or two much shorter pieces (of roughly 2,000 each) which you think best exemplifies the work you have done.

Good luck with your application. (up)

Please help me(Urgent) - funding question

Which university and department is it? This sort of information should be on their website and certainly in the offer they make you.


I don't know why you can't figure this out for yourself, especially based on the answers below! You cannot compare different levels of qualification like this. An MA and a PhD are completely different beasts! If you have an MA you cannot apply for jobs that require a PhD. If you have a PhD you obviously can apply for jobs that only require an MA but you will likely be seen as overqualified. An MA is a one-year taught degree and a PhD is a 3 year research degree. They are completely different so stop asking these ridiculous questions!


I don't know of any way to download it yourself for free, but your university may be like mine and have EndNote installed on all the university computers, thus allowing you to use it for free. To be honest, though, given that to buy a copy of EndNote usually costs almost £200 the fact that the university has a discount allowing you to get it for £64.95 is a bargain!

i accepted an offer and now want out of it

Well I think it really depends on the kind of offer you accepted, and any terms and conditions it had. Absent any of this info in your post, I would say that it shouldn't be a problem to write to the university (or supervisor) concerned and explain that you had been intending to take up your place, but another institution has made you a funded (I assume) offer, and you have decided to take that offer instead. My first PhD offer came in December and they gave me two weeks to accept or decline (and I couldn't apply for funding with them until I had accepted), but my other offers weren't due to come in for a few more months. I accepted the offer, but have since received full funding at another institution and so wrote to the supervisor I had been assigned and explained the situation honestly. He was totally fine with it. But, it depends on the terms and conditions of the offer you accepted.

Advice for a wide-eyed entrant PhD?

Hi guys,

I am starting my PhD in International Relations in September (officially that is). I already have a great working relationship with my supervisor and we have been talking a lot about my project, and while I am really excited to start, as September gets closer I am getting a little freaked out. I have friends who are finishing their first year as PhD students and they keep telling me how behind they feel and how they don't think they'll finish in 3 years. My supervisor wants me to start reading now, to get a head start on the year, and I'm fine to do that, I'm just worried about the level of detail/work/insight required for the PhD, and was wondering if anyone had any study tips, or any more general advice?

Thanks in advance!

2nd reserve for ESRC funding - do I stand a chance?

Congratulations! I know the feeling - I just found out that I have ESRC funding for my PhD too!!!!! Having a fancy dinner tonight to celebrate not having to work for the first time in my academic career!

So who's watching the royal wedding?

I thought it was an interesting decision to share their wedding anniversary with Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun!

Best Distant PhD Program????

The Open University would be the most obvious option - they're probably worth having a look at.

Maintenance Funding Sources

Hi Tribble,

I'm sorry you are having trouble - I'm also trying to find funding and not having much luck! But, the most substantial cost for international students is tuition fees, so congratulations on getting that part funded.
It isn't a terribly appealing option, but you may be able to self-fund and continue to search for funding opportunities. It is tough but I have done it for my Master's last year (tuition + living costs). Which university are you going to? How much does accommodation cost? As an international student you will be allowed to work an average of 20 hours each week, so depending on how your program is structured (i.e. mostly reading combined with some field work, or mostly field-work combined with some reading), you may be able to earn your rent money. Plus, most universities have Wardens and Assistant Wardens that run each university residence and they often employ PhDs as assistant wardens and give them free accommodation. That might be worth looking into as well.