Working and PhD study


Morning, Ive found a PhD thatI would like to apply for. I know competition is stiff so there is no guarantees I would be accepted for this studentship. However, the stipend for this is 14500 a year and free tuition fees. The advice I need is how realistic is it to work whilst doing a PhD? This is because I would need to top up the annual stipend.


Hi. I do not think it is realistic. They are going to pay you stipend and expect you to work full time. If you think you can survive 3 years with the stipend then go for it. Maybe a little luck can get you a bit more money but to be honest, it is unlikely.
Another related/off topic. The PhD salary in UK is low while in Germany for example is high. This comes at the expense that in Germany the PhD is not structured and there is a high possibility to leave after a few years without a PhD (happened to me). In the UK, most PhD students are awarded PhD but the stipend is low I know.


It depends on what work you mean. I worked pt at the weekend throughout my phd which my supervisor was aware of. As long as it's under the work limit set out by your uni it should be fine.


I know ppl worked as tutors, class assistants, driving instructors, cleaners and in restaurants or fast food places. It just means you have limited free time and while that's ok first year maybe not in your last.

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Teaching support can pay quite well in the UK. I do 6hours a week during term time and get just over £70 a week after tax. It isn't much but it is realtively easy work.

Also remember that the 14,500 is tax-free.


I have worked thoughout my phd (currently going into year 4 and at write up stage ).It is doable. Last year I work about 15-20 hours a week giving maths grinds to school kids. Its hard work, time consuming and you do be wreaked, but you have to make ends meet somehow. I get a small stipend and my fee paid so I need to work to pay bills.My supervisors are aware and fully supportive. Would i recommend it ... No ..but you do what you have to do.


I have worked full time all through my full time Ph.D to the point where my Ph.D has suffered tremendously. I have had to work to pay bills and keep myself afloat but I had to take suspension for a year in between just to try and get caught up. I am now into submission pending stage, I have 7 months left and nearly my entire thesis to write (and still working full time although I am now in a much less demanding job)!!

I would say if you are working a part time or weekend job then you will manage it, if you are looking to work full time I would suggest doing a part time Ph.D or start stocking up now on pro plus and red bull ;)