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HE lecturer or FE teacher?

I'm new to the forum so apologies if this is a topic covered elsewhere.

I am a UK mature student coming to the end of my undergrad BA in English and have achieved some very high marks with a First overall. I always hoped to become a HE lecturer so had planned on the Masters > PhD route, and I have a clear area of research that I am really passionate about. However, now I'm starting to look at my career prospects more realistically, I feel a little shaken by the dearth of full time/permanent positions in HE. Since I already have a fair bit of industry experience, the prospect of a further 4 years of study followed by poor job security and potentially quite low pay is making me reconsider my career expectations.

I have a place on an MA course at my current university to start in September, but I am now applying for trainee teacher/PGCE courses to pursue a career as a FE English teacher instead. I appreciate that job security isn't guaranteed in any sector, but I wonder whether this will be a more realistic goal. At the same time, I wonder if I will ever be in a position to undertake my PhD if I don't begin now.

Opinions from Masters/PhD students or those with experience of teaching would be really appreciated.