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My viva story ! :) :)


I am very far away from my first draft. Extended last date is couple of months away. Really scared.

Viva in 10 days

I havent written my thesis yet and hence unable to advice you about viva.

All the very best. Review your thesis as thoroughly as possible. Wish you success.

UK Visa advice for changing "from Full time to Part time PhD"

I am in 4th year PhD and writing my thesis now. I have a once in a lifetime offer from a very reputed organisation outside UK. It is a dream job for my skills. I don't have a formal offer yet.... But would want to understand the subsequent issues.

I know it will be a challenge to move into part-time and then submit+ defend the thesis.... But I am up for it.
Has anyone experienced this... Please share your advice and tips!!!!

I believe to persuade my supervisor and the university to get approval (Hope I will.....).

What will be the visa status once I move into Part-time? Tier-4 is only for fulltime studies. I think it will be Student Visitor visa?

Can anyone of you share your views on this PLEASE!!!
Thank you in advance!

Aiming to finish off by 31st December! Is there anyone else?

Ah.... I would like to join you all and aim at it...

I am in my 4th year PhD in a Business School. I am aim to submit my thesis by 31-Dec and defend it in the first quarter.....

Let us see how it goes.

Users of Mytomatoes/the Pomodoro technique...

Thank you everyone.

I am new to the forum and got my first tips about mytomatoe and focusbooster. Hope to use and increase my productivity. Missed this website all these years.

I have been writing (without progress) my dissertation in my 4th year... Just heard one of my supervisor resigned and will be moving to a different university. Not able to console myself. .....................

I left a well-paid permanent job for PhD. It has been a miserable experience as an international student and all alone. Waiting for this phase of life to be over.