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Who had heard about funding for 2010?

not good still replying still stressing, I get interviews for nearly everything I reply for (hope that doesnt sound arrogant) but never get through the interview stage arrgghh
any tips? I really hope you hear good news- let us know when you do, don't mention the dissertation- I need to be doing a lot more work! how about you?

how to prepare for an interview

I have had several interviews now (unfortunately I haven't got any yet!)
But I normally do three things- brush up on my skills, really read up on the project- read some literature around the project- as they are sure to ask you some questions on it, read about the university and the
supervisor- double brownie points if you read some articles by the supervisor, also double brownie points if you email them and ask what literature you should read ahead of the interview
also formulate 3 or 4 really good questions to ask- a good tip is to find out who is on the panel then you can formulate questions for everyone on the panel.
What is the interview for? Good Luck :-)

Who had heard about funding for 2010?

That is brilliant news- I am really pleased for you! and a tiny bit jealous as well

Yep Ive got one tomorrow, which is a bit nerve-wracking, applying for another 4 studentships by the beginning of july though! so hopefully one has got to come through eventually,
I'm doing the history of medicine, but am open to a move in more contemporary health issues so applying for things like that as well.

well done on the dissertation so far I have done 0 out of 15,000 words :S

Who had heard about funding for 2010?

How did you get on with the phone interview?
I am still desperately looking for funding- studentships mainly,
keep getting the interviews but then I mess up at the interview somehow :S
it is so horrible though- but it is nice to hear I am not alone- although I hope everything gets good
news soon- it is so depressing at the moment, its the only thing i can think about and i just want it to end.

Good luck everyone :-)

Am I good enough for this?

I have also had several PhD interviews which have all been unsuccessful, it does get extremely depressing at times but you just have to keep persisting. I agree with the others that you definitely do sound good enough to do a PhD-some of them don't actually ask for a masters- which will put you well ahead! what subject are you doing? I am doing some 'outreach' work in order to get myself ahead working in museums etc,
anyway don't give up and hopefully we will both have something to celebrate soon! :-)

how to write a personal statement


I'm having some difficulty with writing the personal statement for my masters application. I am applying to study history of medicine at Imperial college in London. What do universities expect to see in a postgraduate personal statement? any tips would be really appreciated as I want to make my application really stand out.

Thanks :-)