Who had heard about funding for 2010?


Hi all,

Just wondering who had heard and who is still waiting to hear about funding to begin a PhD in Sept/Oct time.

I've heard from one (bad news, although I missed being able to apply for AHRC funding so could only apply for the department's one studenstship) and I'm still waiting on the other. To be honest it's driving me crazy. I can't plan my life, think ahead, I feel so very insecure right now.

Anyone have similar stories?


Hi Helena

I'm in the same boat, thought I had everything sorted back in February but sadly no. I'm waiting right now for a telephone interview (who knows if it will be today) for one lot of funding, should hear about another at the start of July if I am lucky, and one more in August.

I also hate all this waiting. Can't plan what I'm going to do until I find out about the funding and so feel as though I'm in limbo...Only positive thing is that I can hope to find out about everything by August which should give me time to get things started for Plan B. Not much of an upside but at least it's something.

Good luck with it all and hopefully knowing you aren't alone with the funding hunt should help :-)


Oh wow, waiting for a phone call and never knowing when, that's just inhumane! You must have to be on your guard all the time.

I applied at the end of March at my current institution. Last year candidates knew in mid-late May, but this year I have to wait until mid-July (and I have to ask to get that information, up until a week ago I was expecting news to come through everyday since May!).

Let us know how the phone-call goes, and good luck. What is your Plan B out of interest?



ugh, am in the exact situation. and as you, cannot plan my life or think about anything else! so annoying. had the interview in may, got it, but the funding is not certain... every week they say 'next week' and the latest is that i have to wait till next weds for an update - i.e., day after budget day. not getting my hopes too high, but still feeling very much in limbo!
good luck to all. fingers x'ed we all hear soon!


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That must be annoying not even being kept informed but at least with any luck you should find out in mid-July.

It's a bit annoying, I was phoned on Friday but sadly missed the call since I was out at work only to be left a message to phone back. By the time I did everyone was home for the weekend. I phoned back this morning to be told I had an appointment with the person who organises the funding allocations at 10. I live about 3 hours away and of course was unable to attend. The alternative was to have him phone me, he apparently has my number but no one could let me know when he would phone and so I am waiting...If they had emailed me or informed of this interview in the phone message I could have made it but nothing I can do.

Anyway if it gets me funding in the end I can't complain...but it's good to share my annoyance :p

My Plan B is not that exciting, I'll work for a year and apply again for PhDs, now that I have my grades I should have better luck with competitive funding (which is what I lost out on previously) or so I hope. Hopefully I will get a job connected to my degree and the experience along with my current grades will be very appealing.

Would be nice though if it all got nicely sorted in the next few weeks! So I shall keep my fingers crossed for all three of us. :-)


How did you get on with the phone interview?
I am still desperately looking for funding- studentships mainly,
keep getting the interviews but then I mess up at the interview somehow :S
it is so horrible though- but it is nice to hear I am not alone- although I hope everything gets good
news soon- it is so depressing at the moment, its the only thing i can think about and i just want it to end.

Good luck everyone :-)


I've got high hopes every one of us will get something in the end. Hopefully my good news shall inspire everyone still waiting.

The interview went well and I got the funding, so come October I shall begin my study for a PhD, in a nice new lab too! :-)

Thanks everyone for the good luck wishes and interest.


Oh wow Gennia, congrats to you! You must be on top of the world. WELL DONE. I'm pleased for you but also very jealous!!! Nice to get feedback from them so quickly I must say!

I'm crossing everything waiting to hear about my department's studentship, and trying to get my head down finishing my dissertation. I'm on 5000 of 15000 words, but I have until September. Hoping to get it done early and take some time off... but... you know how things go.

(up) yay for you!


Hi Holly, what course are you interested in? None of the PhDs I applied for required interviews, I'm in the English dept, so I can't imagine what it would be like. Do you have any other interviews lined up? :-)


That is brilliant news- I am really pleased for you! and a tiny bit jealous as well

Yep Ive got one tomorrow, which is a bit nerve-wracking, applying for another 4 studentships by the beginning of july though! so hopefully one has got to come through eventually,
I'm doing the history of medicine, but am open to a move in more contemporary health issues so applying for things like that as well.

well done on the dissertation so far I have done 0 out of 15,000 words :S


Hi Helena,

Don't stress out too much! If the worst outcome happens and you don't get the funding from the second option then you should go and speak to profs in the department about other bodies to apply to.
Or the other option is if you really want to do it then fund it yourself! I know this is easier said than done. I'm doing a chemistry PhD and got funding sorted out but my boyfriend is a sociologist and could not get grant money from anywhere. He then worked full time for a year and saved up enough money for his first year fees (with some dosh left over to live off, rent etc) and is now in his second year doing great. He works 2-3 days a week to get by and recently transferred to do his PhD part time. This way he pays half the fees a year but can still submit his thesis in his fourth year (without having to pay the extra money). Check with your uni that if you went part time how soon you could submit, and it might actually mean you can pay less money for tuition but still work at the same rate and finish in a reasonable time limit! If you want to do it, don't let money stop you! Work a way to get round it!

Hope it works out for you!


How did the interviews go hollyc123? Any progress on the diss too? And anyone else on this thread? I'm just checking in for updates ... it's interesting to see how people's lives turn out.

I'm still waiting to hear, but I have had some positive 'unofficial' nods.


not good still replying still stressing, I get interviews for nearly everything I reply for (hope that doesnt sound arrogant) but never get through the interview stage arrgghh
any tips? I really hope you hear good news- let us know when you do, don't mention the dissertation- I need to be doing a lot more work! how about you?


No it doesn't sound arrogant Hollyc, sounds good though! Have you had any feedback from these interviews you could use to improve certain areas? You certainly sound dedicated. I did hear good news actually, on Tuesday :-) I won the department scholarship, waiting to hear more details but ... it's odd when you find out. Very happy, obviously, but with the MA diss,almost as if you can't celebrate too much until the MA is over. I'm so fed up of my dissertation now, everyday is a struggle to sit with it. In fact, that's what I'm doing on here now, trying to put off going to it. I know I have to finish it ASAP, though. Then I'm free (for a while!). Good luck, I really hope you get what you want :-)


Hi Helena

Glad to hear your good news at last. Mine came through today as well, funded AHRC collaborative PhD. Woohoo.