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Final year support thread
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What is the best way to do a good literature review?

Is Google scholar good? I am using google search key words and pdf based on latest year, but then again, some articles are too weak in content, and not famous, maybe junk. I would like to know better options and methods, can anyone share?

New kid in the block for PhD
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Hi my lovely PhD comrades,

I am just new, a few months old PhD student from Asia.

You know, Asian likes to study, I means most of the Asian parents love to push their kids to the top, as fast as possible. But for me, I am not so rushing to success, but I do hope somebody here, can help to share his or her PhD success stories, so that we can all learned from their success/mistakes and improve ourselves in research...

Frankly, don't just aim to pass VIVA/DEFENSE, but aim to bring a good and positive impact to your society, your people, the people around you on earth...if you can make someone think positively about their future, by looking at your position, your study now, pingo! you are on the way to success, to help others to be success is a successful story too, what is your opinion?

Lets talk about funding!
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I just got my funding from government, but frankly, it's kind of extreme stress, because government keep chasing for results, reports, progress reports....etc...and must passed, cannot failed, dropout, hanky panky...anyway, I thank Jesus God for His blessing for funding...when I has nobody to depends on, Jesus is the one that helped me...all glory and honor to God, may God bless my country, my government!

My PhD Life
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it seems like PhD is a hopeless shit that we are all blind and doing a thing that worth nothing...

Well, for me, PhD is a life journey, that God has blessed some of us to go through. If you are traveling in a country that you never been to, what will you do? you will snap-snap, you will smile, you will feeling excited and curious like a little child for everything and everyone you see, right? Well, you should, and you must apply the same mentality for a new PhD. Well, life itself is difficult, full of false hope and challenges, but nobody can promise you anything, it's all up to God, up to your supervisor and up to you. Dare to fail, dare to do PhD, dare to join this forum, is already proven a success for you! Well done my friends, you aren't wasting time or made a crazy and wrong decision for doing PhD, in actual fact, you are on the way to a success story...even Bill Gate, the richest man on earth, are a failure in a degree course, a university dropout, so what?

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congratulations...well done..kepp it up

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“Big data is high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.” – Gartner (Ching, 2015)

IBM describes these new demands across four dimensions: Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity. (ibm, 2015)

Big Data PhD Research topics which I found :

1) Improving Data analytic techniques- Gather all datas,filter them out on certain constraints and use them to take confident decisions.

2) Natural Language Processing methods - Use NL-processing techniques on Big Datas to find out the current sentimental trend and it can be used on business,politics,finance ...etc

3) BigData tools and deployment platforms -Conventional tools are inefficient to handle Bigdata, Lots of research is needed in these fields.

4) Better datamining techniques-Data mining is the method to grab datas from various platforms.Improved distributed crawling techniques and algorithms are need for scrape datas from multiple platforms.

5) Algorithms for Data visualization-In order to visualize the required information from a pool of random datas, powerful algorithms are crucial for accurate result.

Anybody is willing to share about what is other hottest research topic related to BIG DATA/PhD academic field in 2016? Thanks.

Software Reliability or Cloud Computing and Big Data as PhD study?
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I wanna do a PhD research related to BIG DATA, any good suggestion? For computer science PhD, is it we must do lab test and experiment to prove the concepts or we can just theoretically analyze and do data collection using interview and case study?