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Time from Submission to VIVA

in science, a wait of approx 6 weeks is ideal (and is the norm in my experience...)
I cannot believe you will wait so long for your viva! Do you not just want to get it done? I think the time when you are most fired up and ready to defend your research is as soon as you have finished writing it up.. no?

Use of Rat IgG

to determine nonspecific binding of rat
monoclonal antibodies to mouse cell surface antigens e.g. in FACS etc.. ....?

data - plural or singular?

I cannot believe this is a post. Data are plural - no brainer.

Why has this e-mail reduced me to tears?

I felt exactly the same as you when I heard the date of my viva :-( chin up! you will be great!

Masters in Renewable Energy


new and struggling!!

I just wanted to say that, of course, you are not alone. Most lab based PhD s will at some point or other go through what you are experiencing right now. HAving said that, I know this does not make it any less painful! there is nothing worse than spending week after week (and loads of money too!) doing an exp only to find out that it did not 'work' for some reason. Try not to get too down, and remember to take breaks (you will definitely make more mistakes if you are tired and fed up...) so, keep at it. Things will get better in time!

good luck x

getting RA experience

Do you mean Research Assistant work? the pay is good (about £24,000 per year, so about £12.30/hr before t ax etc) and this kind of experience looks brilliant on your CV (for many reasons, eg shows you are keen, willing, able to work in a lab etc) - though of course, this depends on the direction you are hoping to go in. (I worked as an RA for 3 yrs and this definitely helped me to secure a post doc position) hope this helps!

every one please comes in and have a glance!!

that is what lids are for - they stop the majority of water evaporating into the air.

Viva tips/experiences thread?

so are you going to start a new thread? or shall we just continue on this one!?

Viva: how long did you wait for it?

I am with Zelda on this one (ie I knew the month of when my viva would be) You should not be worried about contacting your supervisor, in fact phone and speak to them in person!

what to wear

I think a blouse/shirt and skirt or smart trousers is definitely fine! (no trainers- obviously!) This is what I wore.. and as long as you feel comfortable and confident then you should be fine. Good luck!

Preparing for Viva

That is brilliant Rah - well done! So many good posts about vivas recently - really good incentive for those so close to their viva too ;-)


Hey ! Really well done! enjoy some well earned rest now!

How many words for a thesis?

I think mine was about 40,000 (biological sciences) - this is normal, esp if you have chapters published, cos they tend to be shorter than your average thesis waffly chapter-type stuff...

Thesis panic ...

I am completely with you Aussichick! I think this post struck me as odd, because I really cannot pin point when I started to write my thesis either! I am in biological sciences and I wrote manuscripts up as I went along, these then became the thesis with extra bits added in/taken out... writing my thesis took 3yrs! (ie the entire length of my PhD), so i guess I was nervous about my first day ;-)