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Anyone else struggling today?

Well one of my boys is off sick so I've done next to nothing. I dont actually start to Feb but trying to get all my stuff organised.

I did build a desk though.

But still no reading:-(

Struggling with the reading...

I'm an English phder and always set myself personal deadlines like yourself. However i always rate the success of the reading by the quality of notes taken and the amount of (relevant) info I can recall.

I used to be seriously proud of the words I could wade through - but in reality its more important to become an efficient reader rather than a fast or heavy reader.

Lit Students - Article Sites

Hey thanks for the reply

Yeah I was talking about Journal articles. I've been lookin at Jstor today though finding the adv search options and the export format not to be that great really.

I will check out LION later.

"...the flaming globes! The flaming globes!....Arghhhhhhhhh"

Lit Students - Article Sites

Hi Guys

I'm new here so guess I should say hello! I'm an Eng Lit student writing on masculinity in New York fiction. I'm starting the Phd in Feb and so raring to go.

Can I ask what you guys think are the best websites for article searches (articles that you can get access to).

I'll have loads more questions but this is the first thing that I really need to get started on.