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I am looking to do a phd. please help!


I am a graduate in microbiology..passed out in distinction and i did my masters in biotechnology (grade: C) from uk ... unfortunately i have been out of my field for nearly 1 year now. i am not getting any jobs in my field. i am really depressed :-( about that. i have sent nearly 100's of applications in my field and it used to end up either in rejection letters or no reply. To support myself and my family back home i am currently working in a call centre in uk (to help me repay back my educational loan as well). I never had any plans of doing a phd before completing my masters. now i feel like doing a phd..so as to establish my career..my area of interest would be in environmental microbiology e.g: bio energy, bio fuels..

can anyone please help me in this.. i want to know whether i am eligible to apply for phd..if i am? how will i know whether my topic has good scope in future because i don't want to end up without a job after Dr.