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Confessions: Things that you cannot believe you started doing...

This threat is like the history of my life as a PhD student!!!!! It feels soooooooooo good to finally realise that I am not the lonely weirdo my 'normal' friends made me out to be when I did my little rituals

love life of a Phd student? zero

The love life of a PhD student... that's a tricky one! Many times I couldn't even cuddle in peace thinking about stuff that troubled me about my work. I think having an understanding partner helps a lot because otherwise, things don't work as well.

conclusions-supervisor or PhD?

I have to say I'm a bit suspicious... you should be the one taking the piece to a conference and he should support you on this!

Your supervisor may be trying to help you. However, in this case, what you seem to be getting is a missed opportunity to get feedback on your work and even to identify the areas of real weakness and work on them. Plus, losing confidence in your ability to be a competent researcher.

I agree you need to clarify this with your supervisor... but I'd say do it *in person*.

what do you call yourself?

I'm having issues now that I finished because for some reason people seem to think I expect to be called Dr at all times. I find it awkward that some people I know informally have asked me whether they should call me Dr