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Second PhD dergee

Thank you for your answers! And sorry for my English.:$

Second PhD dergee

Dear Forum inhabitants,
I write it to ask your opinion and take a piece of advice.
I am a 27 years old guy from Russia. In 2008 I had completed a study at a Russian agricultural academy. Since then I have been working there as a research assistant and at the same as PhD-student. The theme of my research project is about “the influence of silicon fertilizers on crop”. Now my work is completed and I will to defend my project in this autumn. I have the aim to establish a private research center on plant genetics and the development of new fertilizers. To realize this I need more deep knowledge, therefore I think to do another PhD project, for example about plant biochemistry or genetics, probably in Germany. I think it can give me not only a possibility to raise greatly the level of my professional skills, but also a to learn about the features of the research abroad. I think this is important in view of the fact that Russia remains behind in science.
What do you think – it is good idea to do the second PhD project abroad?
When “yes” I ask you to answer a couple of question:
1. I am still young enough for the second PhD project?
2. Whether will my first PhD degree a hindrance for the application to the second?

Thanks in advance!