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Some Advice is welcome Thanks!

Many thanks for the advice! That encourage me! Lets work for it and fingers cross.

Thanks again!

Some Advice is welcome Thanks!


I am currently doing my research project for my MSc in Genetics which i expect to finish around may-jun. I am quite sure that what I wish is to continue my career with a PhD obviously in a related area, but I have few points that i do not have really clear.

I coursed my career in Spain, where the education system was quite different as the degree is divided in 4 years, doing a total of 300 credits, which I think is like doing degree and master in any other european country.spite, I moved to UK trying to find job, which didn't come and I decided to save money and go for the Master.

Now here are my doubts:

I have around 6,14 from my Biotechnological career in Spain (4 years) plus I expect around 60-65% for my MSc.

Is it a good background for a PhD possition?

How does it counts when I am applying for a PhD? Are they enought marks? are they good enought?

Also, for applying, its is really important that i have not finish the MSc yet?

And when applyining, do yo recomend to contact the supervisor previosly? What I should say.....

Other problem that I have...is that I am not really "crazy" for any particular topic...What I know is I LOVE science and from my experience, I love the day by day motivation that It gives me....

Oh dear, I am a bit lost....so If you can give me a hand....I will really apreciate.