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Holiday after conference
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I usually stay few days longer too! This is fine as long as you let your department know in advance and they confirm your trip. However I've heard there might be a limitation on the number of extra days you can stay abroad due to some insurance policies.

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Well, well, well .. I have a lot on my plate. But these days I heard a bunch of good news about the people I like. So I'm all happy and I have a good positive energy to work, work and work. :)

Let's see what I have on my plate:

1. Replying to emails ... this is like eating, a never ending task... But today I want to reply to ALL emails, including email to supi, scooti to ask for recom letter and update them on my progress (I know the latter one sucks but I'd feel terribly good afterward:) + writing to Dave (I saw him in my dreams last night, he was breaded, haha, and he was giving me some advice , probably on PhD. lol) and Bita.

2. Prepare the docs for IP (yes, I like to get it, right :)

3. Visa application ---> It's late, better to apply onshore and continue on a bridging visa. But I need to prepare my docs (Later this week)

4. *FINISH* the last chapter of the thesis! (By the end of this week :)

Good luck

I've the feeling that my PI doesn't trust/respect me
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It seems you are very confident about yourself. So I guess you must be a very smart, studios and knowledgeable student. This is great. :)

What TreeofLife was saying is not necessary about resembling others but being flexible and trying to fit in the culture of your lab/group. So every one else enjoys and benefits from working with you. This is a good way to gain respect. Also later when you are about to finish you too will benefit from this when you need recommendation letters.

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It was a long day indeed.
Last night, I could only sleep 2/3 hours. I equally blame the mosquitos and the bad sleeping routine for that. In the morning, I went to the uni where I had pursued my master to attend a very important talk by SydVil, the famous French scientist. It was such an honer to see him in person. The theatre was full, people were sitting on even the stairs or standing at the back. It was funny there was a live streaming just outside of the theatre for many other poor students standing outside who could not get in. SydVil was dressed up like a French gentleman in 18th. His look was interesting and odd at the same time. Apparently he usually dresses up like that. His strong French accent reminded me of my passion to French and once again I promised myself to learn French after finishing my PhD.

After the talk, lots of undergrad students circled around him, took photo with him ,... I was dying to talk a word with him but didn't want to make him more uncomfortable by furthering the circle. So I just bought one of his books and went to say hi to my undergrad and master supervisors. I'm going to meet them soon again.

Then I went to IP where I had my interview. The traffic was heavy. The weather was hot and the air was polluted. I spend some time in the beautiful garden of IP where I have lots of nice memories from the time when I was a very young researcher there. I was thinking about how I have changed. How I am less curious about the nature around, less communicate with new people and definitely smile less often.
Do I like these changes? Is that what happens to any one else as they become older? Or was that only me unconsciously trying to adapt to the environment?


Grumpy's Thesis writing diary
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Quote From Tulip:


Thanks Tulip :)
I'm also happy you feel better and you are being productive. Keep it up.

Going to be demoted from PhD to Masters. Please help
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I agree with TreeofLife. Had your supervisor warned you before about this? Seek some help. The counselling centre at your uni can be helpful. Also have a look at other resources, like higher degree association or so that can give some advise or inform you where to seek help. I hope you can continue as a PhD student if you like it so. Otherwise it won't be the end of the world either. You don't have to mention in your CV that have started as a PhD but simply that you have a master degree. And yes, your supervisor can still write you recommendation letters. Just try to maintain a good relation with him/her in any case.

PhD interview tomorrow!
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Quote From Tulip:
Congratulations jennypenny and TreeofLife - brilliant news all round! :)

I second it! Success at first and second try is great!

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Quote From mathsgirl.

Hi mathsgirl. Thanks for the comment. It is nice to know there are other people who understand you.

I'm now back on track again. :


Hope you too enjoy the dinner party as well as progressing in your PhD studies. :)

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Since last night, I have not been able to concentrate and work. I felt being depressed and anxious. But I have learned my lesson after 4 years of being a PhD student. I knew why I feel so, I knew I'll feel well soon again and I knew how to help myself.

So this afternoon, I decided to stop worrying about the deadlines. After all nothing, I mean NOTHING, is more important than me being happy and relaxed.

So, I took my time, went to a hair dresser, waxed by face and had my eyebrows plucked and coloured. Then I went to one of those manicure salon and had my nails a nice colour and a simple white french. Later I bought a nice pair of shoes. They are not the most comfortable ones but I really can't spend more time to look for shoes. I enjoy looking good. That gives me the confidence I like and I feel good about myself. I even wanted to have a nice massage but well the day was short. Maybe few days later.

Sometimes I feel the gradschool and the academic life do not let me be a normal woman. This is not right. I mean the academia is too masculine.

Anyhow, now I want to work on preparing slides for IP. This is where I had backed off. This time I want to make it as simple as I can. So it won't be any thing big and I won't freaked out.

I also miss Kswim and my friend in Au. I should talk to them sometime soon. It always motivates me.

Grumpy's Thesis writing diary
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I'm also working for the weekend. I'm sure so are a few other students on this forum.
This is good you aimed some goals for the weekend. Work hard on them and you will feel great and more motivated on Sunday evening.

As for me I'll have a long week coming. So I have to work hard too. I need to prepare two presentations. Travel to another city to go for an interview, attend a talk and take a class. I should review a paper, prepare some documents

So let's work hard and good luck.

my supervisor became jealous when my paper got accepted
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If she does not answer her phone or to emails then you can wait till you meet her and ask her. Hope the misunderstanding gets resolved.

my supervisor became jealous when my paper got accepted
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I didn't understand. What is she offended about?

New to the forum
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I have written all of my four chapters partly. But recently I completed one of them. I'm in parallel trying to find a job for when I finished writing.
My research lies on the border of math and computer science. So yeah pretty close to yours. :)

Selection Criteria Response for a Postdocs position
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Hi RLD1984,

Good points. Thanks for the tips.

New to the forum
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Hi Mathgirl,

Welcome. I'm also in my last year and I have about 2/3 months to finish. It is motivating to know more people are working toward a similar aim.

Good luck with your progress and let us know how it goes.