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Selection Criteria Response for a Postdocs position
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I'm preparing my responses to selection criteria for an advertised Postdoc. How long roughly should it be for 6 questions? Should I answer each question separately or it can be like an essay? I would also appreciate some tips. Thanks.

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1. Apply for the postdoc to DB
2. finish the chapter
3. bank
4.Slides for IP
5. Slided for IB
6. GGL
7. VIZ

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The plan for Today was:
Done 1.8:30 wake up
Done 2. Rewrite the section "Future work for Lab" : 8:30-12:30
Half Done 3. After noon till night: Writing or planning for section of Gen

The good news is today I received my first invitation to an interview for a POSTDOC! Oh man, this is great. I like the institute but the problem is the sam; not sure if I want to live there + the salary might not be high enogh! But any ways I'll go for the interview just to be introduced to them for potential future collaboration and also to learn from my weaknesses and potential mistake in an interview for a postdoc.

Plans for tomorrow:
1. finish the section gen section
2. call/meet bestyinRash/ cousinpo
3. Apply for QU

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Done 1. Applying the modifications I have determined for first and second section
Done 2. Writing the proof of "hie"
Done 3. Review the Testing section
Done 4. drawing the two pictures

Done, Done, Done, Done! Ok, sounds good but it took me all day. I'm a bit worried if I can finish the rest by tomorrow.

The plan for Tomorrow is:
1.8:30 wake up
2. Rewrite the section "Future work for Lab" : 8:30-12:30
3. After noon till night: Writing or planning for section of Gen

i'm failing
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I'm sorry you feel so. But trust me that's what most PhD student feel time to time. We usually underestimate the value of our work. Don't give up. Talk to someone who can remind you of your strength and positive steps you took during your PhD.

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Few days ago I finally got to write back to Suppi after a very long time. I feel very bad about it and he has not replied yet. When leaving C, Suppie had asked me to keep in touch very frequently. Any how the past is past.

The good thing is I could eventually write down the proof. So I can start working as normal.

The plan is to finish this chapter by the end of Sunday. Finger crossed. Tomorrow I'll be a bit distracted with some family affairs but other than that, I should do my best to be dedicated. The remaining tasks for this chapter is:

For tomorrow morning (should take less than 2 hours):

1. Applying the modifications I have determined for first and second section (writing the beginning of the second section out of scratch)
2. Writing the proof of "hie"
3. Review the Testing section
4. drawing the two pictures

The rest
5. Future works for Lab

6. sections for Gen ...

I know 5 and 6 might sound a bit scary. But I've done most of the thinking before and this should not be a problem.
Maybe after I finished 1-5, I go to A's house to do the rest of writing with a better concentration.

It's too late now, or maybe too early ... ZzZz...

I was conned and my phd is over, help
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I understand it now. It's bad, things are not going the way they meant to. But just remember that it won't help to get mad at them. I know it may not be easy but work on your relationship with your supervisor/employer and admins and at the same time look at other opportunities like enrolling in another university. Here the fact you were not formally considered as a PhD student at your current uni may even help.

Viva story
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Congratulation Emma!
"All the night I was thinking about the viva, the questions and the positive words of the jury members. I hope soon all of you pass this great event"

Can't wait till the day I submit my thesis. I also will stay up of happiness, the night after.

I was conned and my phd is over, help
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Um, I got a bit confused. What do you mean by employers? Aren't they a uni or an academic institute where you were supposed to serve as a PhD student, spending time on your thesis + helping them in some other stuff? Otherwise how do you want to get your degree if you are not enrolled?

Not accepted from more than 12 applications
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Do you personally contact the prospective supervisors to have their confirmation and support before you formally apply?

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Well not really. Here though the situation was a bit different and they were not postdoc positions.

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Does commenting add a new thread on the list of posts?

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Testing comments!

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This post is just a test!

Best prospective PhD book??
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And just before you start it would be helpful to read a book like the following to learn about the right practices and strategies to take: