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Can a conference fold if they have a low paper submission count?

The deadline of conference could be extended as many as three times until there are more people. It is possible that many prefer to submit their proposal on the last day or last hour; they continue to revise the abstracts again and again.

One of the conference papers that i have recently submitted was assigned the number: 642; but they still extend the deadline two more times.

Based on my limited experience, a “reliable conference” may have the following characteristics:
1. The invited speaker is an editor of journal or someone prominent.
2. There is best paper award, excellent paper award or equivalent…
3. The venue is confirmed. (If the organiser is not sure of the venue, it could be the uncertainty in sufficient number of participants? The organiser has not booked the venue just in case the conference will be folded?)

advice for preparing viva?

Ah, then visit Cinémathèque Française Film Center in Paris, 51 rue de Bercy 12th arrondissement...
Take some photos... could be useful for your viva... :-)

Annoyed. Need advice : (

One way of setting the dispute is to divide research investigations into five parts: conception of original idea, design of experiment, data collection, data analysis, and manuscript preparation (Dickson et al. 1978). The order of authorship could be determined by ranking the number of areas in which significant contributions were made. However, the problem is preassigned roles can be changed when responsibilities are transferred during the project...

For these 5 parts of the research investigations, the relative contribution of each researcher can be assessed. For each part, total contributions should equal 100 percent. When all contributions have been assigned, the percentage values could be added, resulting in a score between 1 to 500. The relative contribution of all participants can then be assessed.

Alternatively, individual contribution in this research investigation can be specified in the manuscript.

Annoyed. Need advice : (

The first author should be the person who contributed most to the research, including drafting of the manuscript. The sequence of authors should be determined by the relative contributions to the manuscript.

The attempt by “senior researchers” to force their way onto the publications of junior investigators in the absence of appropriate intellectual contribution, is sometimes known as the “White Bull effect”; in a sense, such behavior is a form of fraud and scientific misconduct.

My supervisor has difficulty understanding my paper, but recently she requests to be the corresponding author… sigh…but this is still acceptable as a supervisor.

Lastly, single should need even more time to look for true love in today’s world, right?

advice for preparing viva?

Hi vivicov,

It was unfortunate that i re-opened my thesis almost immediately because i met a PhD candidate on the day of submission...
This PhD candidate looked quite sad because he had "Major Revision" despite three papers published.
I even thought of revise and re-submit; this was my decision, not the examiners.

Although i have visited many countries, tried fifteen different airlines..., i still want to emphasize the importance of travel!
My preparation for two more conferences now is not mainly on writing papers,
but where should i visit, which restaurant is good (Michelin star?), which hotel is strategically located...
Have no fear about viva!

advice for preparing viva?

Quote From vivicov:
Hi, meaninginlife:
Thanks for your suggestion, the slowly re-reading strategy sounds good.
So have you had your viva yet? When did you submit? :)

Still waiting for the viva date. It is a date for us to show off...
My thesis was submitted about two months ago.

Actually, I visited Milan, Rome, Paris and Nice almost two years ago.
Feel like visiting these places again. :-)
But I am busy with three or four conference papers now; so it is difficult to be lazy...

advice for preparing viva?

almost immediately.
Then i realize it may need minor revision.

After further reading over the weeks, the thought of major revision emerged...
And i feel that i am smarter after the submission of thesis.
Because i can spot more errors in my thesis now; realize the problem of flow etc...

Maybe my mind is more clear when the stress is lesser.
Maybe it helps to reduce the time for revision later...
in a sense, one may prepare viva in a relaxed way by slowly re-reading your thesis again...
But it is also good to enjoy a holiday trip say Hawaii :-)

The table first or the explanation first?

You can check the "ACM Word Template for SIG Site"...

In Page 2 column 1, you can find this section...
Place Tables/Figures/Images in text as close to the reference as possible (see Figure 1). It may extend across both columns to a maximum width of 17.78 cm (7”).

In Page 2 column 2, you can find figure 1.

That is, the figure or table can come later...
Anyway, this is my interpretation of ACM guideline.
If figure 1 appears first, the reader may not be clear of its purpose.
But psychresearcher's suggestion is also possible for other writings...

Help! Conference wants 5000 words but I have 7000+ words : (

Quote From tt_dan:
After a few days of work, I managed to drop from 7000+ words to the current 5300 words; would 5300 be ok?

At the moment, I'm not sure if the sentences and paragraphs are flowing : /

Hmm... Seems to be a conference on design of communication, information system and organizational systems...
Maybe should visit Belem in Lisbon, just guessing the conference...
On a serious note, try to aim for 4500 words first.
You still have nine more days? :)

Do conferences give notification of rejection?

Quote From tt_dan:
Quote From MeaninginLife:
Sometimes, they may not accept the paper for oral presentation,
but suggest it to be presented as poster.

Is there a difference between an oral presentation and poster presentation?

Sometimes, "they" think that the paper is not good enough for oral presentation (20 to 30 min),
so they suggest poster presentation which does not occupy certain time slots plus room allocated.

For poster presentation, your poster may be on display for more than one day (free advertisement for your work),
and you should stand beside your poster during the allocated time, say one hour.
During this one hour, you may get more feedback for your work and have discussion with more professors.
Don't underestimate the power of poster presentation.

Help! Conference wants 5000 words but I have 7000+ words : (

I have just submitted a conference paper which is about 8700 words in 18 pages.
(They suggest 3000 to 6000 words.)
Anyway, they have already accepted it as Oral Presentation. So i feel safe to do it...

But maybe Dan wants to take a risk. just to check if this conference is interested in money? ;)

(Potentially) Unethical Colleague

Actually, it can be quite dangerous if you share equipment with someone who is not meticulous.
When the equipment is spoilt, it may take some time to be repaired. Worst still, your experimental data could be questionable or your thesis deadline can be affected.

To be proactive, it may be good to understand this colleague's situation.
Try helping him to visualize hope or success...

Help! Conference wants 5000 words but I have 7000+ words : (

They may not reject your paper.
But your paper just appears to be wordy.

Based on the word count, you may not have summarized your findings in table.
A good paper should have some nice figures... :/
Similarly, your powerpoint presentation should not be all words...

Help! Conference wants 5000 words but I have 7000+ words : (

Quote From tt_dan:
According to the conference:

"Guidelines for Research Papers – Papers should not exceed 5,000 words, approximately 8 pages in ACM conference format (available at the site), including figures and references."

Ok, so I have 8 pages (7.5 pages to be precise), but my word count is 7000+ : (
Would this be acceptable? : /

Take the guidelines seriously!
1. Try to reduce words with the use of table AND figure.
A picture is worth more than a thousand words...

2. Reduce some least important references.
Some citations on textbooks may not be really very important.

3. Your supervisor is missing in action?
Or you are excluding your supervisor...

Hyper-critical supervisor - reality check needed!

Quote From dan:
My supervisor doesn't give any comments so far on my papers...

My supervisor told me that she would like to be the corresponding author for the paper i wrote; but she has difficulty understanding my paper. :-)
Similar to Dr Jojo, she superficially glanced my thesis... and just told me that if examiners' decisions are to re-submit, it has to be revised within a year...

I wish she were hyper-critical...