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I have got my PhD in Chemistry, where do I go from here?

I am starting my PhD in Chemistry in September.

After a long time of searching for a Phd I have been accepted in one.

I am very confused about how to go about starting the phd, the basic route of starting.

Please advise

Many thanks:-)(up)

What to expect as a First year Phd Student

I am starting my PhD in Chemistry in September. I would like to know what to expect during my first Phd year?

I am also attending my first meeting with my Supervisor end of June and would like to ask what kind of questions shall I ask and how to prepare myself for this first meeting?

Also how shall I prepare myself to start the Phd.

I am very excited but also very nervous.

Thank you so much for your help.

Should I do a Phd to get back to work?

I honestly dont think doing a Phd is a way of getting back to work.
Some employers hate hiring people with phd's because they consider them over qualified.
I suggest since you have been workin in Pharmacovigilance, try applying for a job in regulatory affairs/drug safety as they are many jobs in these fields and they usually take people with pharmacovigilance experience as the work is related.

PhD studentship Self Funding

I have been applying for a Phd since I left university and I have been rejected with all my applications. I am considering applying for a Phd but self funding the program by my self. What does self funding involve and what will the cost I have to pay for cover?

thank you for help