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Inconsolable - Failed PhD after R&R

Hi anz07,

yes it is terrible what happened to you though unfortunately it is not only related to you in England . I have seen crap Thesis to get an easy pass, good and hard working Thesis got stuck in somehow.

I believe that the system to assess PhD works should be reviewed in England. What is the point to do a PhD in England if it can be easily turn into a nightmare throwing 3-4 years of hard working in a bin. Based on this, a potential PhD would prefer to go to US, Canada, or Australia rather than England also in the light of increasing tuition fees of English institutions.

I totally agree with Pjlu, Scrabbler have provided very good insights to deal with your case. Unfortunately, you have to spend some money and time just for bad people.

I really need advise!

Hi Nick80,

It is a shame how people can do such bad things to others. I think that you will have some words to say if the time will come.

I fully understood your situation. If you send me your email, I will send you some info to cope with this. Just in case!

Please keep going and do not give up.

Urgently Need Respondents For Dissertation

Hi DanielSheridan,

I filled-in your questionnaire. Cyberbullying is very interesting topic, in particular if we think that most of our life is on Internet.

However, it is very difficult to identify a cyberbullying, and consequently, to report it. The other problem, I think, that we have a lack of authorities' expertise to investigate and stop cyberbullying.

Please, if you like to add further information about it (e.g. how we can prevent/investigate/stop cyberbullying, the role of authorities even in a cross border context) can be useful to get external ideas useful for your research and also for others. Since It is interesting and recent topic.

Writeup Frustration

Hi PhDdiva,

This is not unusual situation unfortunately. Do not go against her since the situation will be worst.

I do agree with CR1980, ask for specific feedback and you may ask to your second supervisor if you have one. Asking to other academic staff outside your supervisor team might be perceived as an insult. Be careful with this.

In addition to have a publication in a reasonable good Journal may help to support your research but it is not the solution. Unfortunately, your supervisor plays an a vital role, no just in terms of feedback but in your future development. So keep a good relationship!