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Statement of Purpose - Please critique
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Sagar Gandhi

Hi! I assume you don't need critique for your statement of purpose anymore? I've read your sop and have some remarks but I don't think you need to hear them 5 months later. It's just that I did the same mistake for my statement of purpose but with it was identified and I did well so I am interested if you got in as well or it was different for you?

I can't stop torturing myself
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Quote From diplomaticife:
I have not heard anything about the interview, so I have decided to count my losses and move on.
Greater things are yet to come.

I am sure you will get even better job because you totally deserve! Good luck!

Ever impressed yourself?
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I had almost the same experience too! It almost made me cry. I was working really hard on that chapter and my supervisor didn't like it at all but the other chapter I didn't like at all was received with a praise. It was so stupid! Argh!

Does anyone play a team sport?
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Quote From JGillman1:
Hi all,

My name is Jamie and I’m a PhD student at Staffordshire University. I am conducting research that is interested in examining the effects of social support on stress. One of my studies requires "athletes within a team" to complete an online survey. It takes no longer than 10 mins, and there is a chance to win up to £50.

If you could spare some time to fill in the questionnaire using the link below, it would be much appreciated. I am more than happy to complete any other online questionnaires in return.




Is this questionnaire still actual?

The Postgraduate Moans Thread
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Quote From Zutterfly:
I can't wait for that either!

I am frustrated too, probably because I am applying for jobs now and I feel like the PhD is holding me back in an odd way. It is just hanging over me whilst I am trying to move on, but at the same time it is required in order to move on. When I submit the draft I am totally having a duvet day!

It sounds so good! I already have a job but it's nothing serious. Helps me with money. And between it and my PhD I don't have enough time to rest. All I want is to spend a day in my bed reading Agatha Christie and sipping coffee.

Online places to chat and generally shoot the breeze
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I'd love to join!