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3 months to go, so much to do, so little energy left...

thanks for the answers,

In the end it's just a confidence issue,
It's gonna be hard to finish in 3 months but i already now more or less what i'm gonna write because I have almost finished all my data analysis.
i wrote a very bad litterature review in my first year, that could help me write my intro
well, i better go back to work and ignore the loud music from the stupiid housemate....gosh drum and base is sooo irritating..

The moaning thread

Great i hate my phd to ! what was i thinking when i signed for this!!!!

3 months to go, so much to do, so little energy left...

well i have almost finished all my lab work, i have gone back to my parents home because i cannot pay my rent anymore,
and i am supposed to submit in 3 months.
i have been doing data analysis for the past month and i have not been writing much.
last year i have been downgraded to a Mphil because i had made little progress over the year and had lost all motivation (partly because the relationship with my supervisor was very very negative, lots and lots of problems over the past 3 years....)
but after i finished most of my lab work i gained confidence again and thought i would try for a Phd if my supervisors thought the quality of the data was good enough.

now I am supposed to be writing full time by now but it seems very difficult for me to write because english is not my first language and i have never really written in an academic way before.
i don't think my writing is up to a PhD standard and i don't think i can be finished in 3 months (which is even more demorilizing)
and sadly i haven't been writing much over the past 3 years and a half, not even half of my materials and methods...

now it seems that staring at the cat licking her fur is much more entertaining than writing about my work....
serious writing phobia here, how am i gonna do this????????????

any idea, advices???? pleaaase?

PS: and i'm also getting fat, that doesn't really help the self-estime issue... :/