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Thread: Abstract For Conference Poster Without Results

15-Jan-20, 11:48
by nld12
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posted about 1 month ago

My supervisors have advised me to apply for two conferences to do a poster presentation. However, I do not have any results at all or any dataset to do any analysis at the moment. One conference is in April and other in September. What do you put under the results and conclusion section of your abstract if you do not have none to present? Thank youuuu!

Thread: PhD Confirmation Review/Report

31-Jan-19, 14:36
edited about 22 seconds later
by nld12
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posted about 1 year ago
Hi ,

I have just started my first few months as a PhD candidate. In order to obtain a confirmation of my position I have to produce a confirmation report. Mine has to be 20000 words , I was just wondering how many words in each chapter have you guys added? Mine has seven chapters - abstract (50 words) , introduction, literature review, methodology, ethics review, research plan , research training ( no word count) , conclusion.

If it is of any help I am using a mixed-methods approach. I am struggling with the organization of word count as it is a mixed methods , hence the methodology chapter may potentially be extensive as the literature review? What are your thoughts?

Kind Regards
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