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How long would it take to hear PhD interview response?
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Quote From Mehdy:
Hi there,

I have a similar question. I was shortlisted and interviewed about four months ago by a British university. Unfortunately, I forgot in the interview to ask when the results are informed. Until now, I have sent several emails about the time of announcing the results. However, I have received no answer from them, except one email that told me that all applicants are informed in the next few weeks (I received this email in the first month after the interview). In your opinion, am I still in the evaluation process or it might I am rejected and they forgot to declare the results to me?!

Thanks a lot

I hate to say it but after four months and no contact I would assume you have been unsuccessful :-(

If you wanted to find out for sure it might be worth telephoning the administrator of the department, it's more difficult to ignore phone calls...

Can I do my revisions in less than two weeks?
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Well done, knew you would do it :-)

Can I do my revisions in less than two weeks?
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I did, and you can too! In my case it was in order to meet a deadline to graduate this summer rather than next year.
Can you take any leave in the next fortnight to get it done?
How much is the workload? Your supervisor may be able to advise on how much each correction (if it's a question of additional info to put in) actually should look like, eg 1 paragraph, 1 page, etc.
What helped me was making a realistic but still fairly challenging list of corrections I was going to do every day, and tick them off as I went through them. It will probably have to include weekends, I suppose that's the sacrifice in the next couple of weeks.
List all the corrections which you may need to take advice from (eg from your supervisor), email or set up a meeting to discuss them ASAP, and in the meantime get on with the more straightforward ones.
Remember you have done very well indeed to submit a thesis at the end of the slog, which has been deemed worthy of a PhD subject to this last bit. Don't throw it away now! You don't need to :-)
Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

Happily childfree?
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Quote From wowzers:
Noctu...I was you at 28! Married 3 years and happily child free. Then at 32 I had 2 children close together :)

Hehe - well, you never know! The thought of that happening (to me) genuinely scares me though!

Calling all unemployed post-PhDs
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Can you be a little more specific?

Happily childfree?
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I'm 28, been with hubby for nearly 10 years (married for 3) and we are happily child free by choice.
Which makes things much easier when thinking about an academic career!

As an addition, I am very glad you used the term 'childfree' rather than 'childless' which is the most commonly used term, particularly in the academic literature. We truly feel 'free', rather than lacking, without children.

I'm not discounting the possibility that my hormones might say "ok, baby time!" in the next few years but I doubt it.

Accomodation experiences for PhD
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Can you afford your own flat, a studio or something? You need your own space and quiet (in my experience).

IEEE research paper needed URGENT
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Quote From maxxjatt:
Hello to all,
I need IEEE research paper on the topic Operational Research. I don't have access on IEEE in Azad Kashmir Pakistan.

Anyone here to help me?

If you give me a direct link to the paper you require I'd be happy to check my institutional access for you.

Another rejection...how many did you guys get?
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I was very, very lucky to get the first PhD I applied for.

Moving from a Russell Group to Ex-Poly
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Quote From Mackem_Beefy:

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)

*snort* Love it!

Moving from a Russell Group to Ex-Poly
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N-bria (hehe) is fine overall, which department is it?

Moving from a Russell Group to Ex-Poly
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I would also echo the comment that it's hard to give advice without knowing the institutions involved. I would say take the funded place - unless the ex-poly is REALLY dire. Can you tell us which institutions they are?

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Quote From Acarpous:

I'm on the point of submission so I'd be very interested in your questions if you'd like to share.

Ditto! Congrats from me too :-D

Partial scholarships and full time PhD study
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Sounds like they're trying to take advantage of you to get some grunt work teaching and publications out of you. I wouldn't bother - you'll be exhausted, or have dropped out, in 3 years.
Easy for me to say as it's not my life or career, but I'd wait until the next lot of funding calls come out. Plus it will strengthen your CV to have had a fully funded PhD place.

Article request
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"Readmission Agreements and Refugee Rights: from a Critique to a Proposal" Mariagiulia Giuffré. , Refugee Survey Quarterly 32.3 (2013)more

I can get this one, PM me :)