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Study help!

Quote From EmMurphy:
Hey Everyone!
I’m looking for participants for a 30 minute study that involves a questionnaire and computer task. It must be done on a laptop or computer. I’d be really grateful to anyone who can take part and be willing to participate in anyone’s study if you sent me a link =)

Same here. Redirects...

Paper request

Quote From matt123:

I wondered if anyone may have access to the following paper? My institutional permission won't let me access the paper at this time unfortunately:

Can Alzheimer disease be prevented by amyloid-β immunotherapy? 2010. Cynthia A. Lemere & Eliezer Masliah. Nature Reviews Neurology. 6, 108-119.
Thank you!

Not sure if you found it. Check this out may be - http://bit.ly/2cIZIe7 ?

Good luck!

Just started and feel like I have nothing to do?

Quote From zdfhssgnsfgnsfgnsf:
Thanks for all the advice! Actually about a week after posting this everything started to pick up so I've got a little more to do now :)

That's great! Good luck! :)

Once again - I need your help!


another thing I need to get off my chest - needy friends

Quote From satchi:
hi richland101
I like your username! I would like to be rich, own a lot of land - and 101 is a great number.

thanks for your advice.I have toned down my hyperkindness.

Those days, I was happy when I signed "love satchi" and none of my friends were needy then.

Now I am still happy but have stopped signing off love satchi.

I don't really know how much being an escapist applies to me, yes? no? I haven't blocked Friend A. In fact, I did send one email to Friend A, I kept it short, and now things are better, he is not sending me sentences like "I miss you" "I like the idea of you beside me". I also told him not to call my phone. That seems to have worked because when I don't see his name on my mobile (when he's ringing) I feel so much better. I just hate speaking on the phone. I also hate skyping. I only use Skype for work.

I haven't deleted him from my list of friends, I am just happier with lesser communication, one email once in a while from me is enough for me. Now his emails go into another folder which I managed to set up properly (the 2nd time!) so I feel better too, I don't see his name right away.

thanks again

Haha! Love your sense of humor :D

So long as you're not entertaining creeps, you'll be fine :) Good to know things are better. Cheers!

Questionnaire, your opinion about online banking services.

Done! Good luck! :)

another thing I need to get off my chest - needy friends

I know I'm a little late in responding but hey, I'm new here and this thread grabbed my attention since I've had needy friends and I've been a needy friend once or twice in life.

Here's my two cents: Blocking people is sure a solution but then again, decide if you want to take the path of an escapist. If these are the kind of people you don't mind hurting/losing, then you can sure delete them just like that from your life.

If these are people who genuinely need a good friend, owing to whatever it is they're going through in life, then you blocking them away could hurt them more. Why would you want to rub salt on their wounds?

Also, considering you're the "hyper-kind" may be it would help if you toned down a little? That way, you wont be sending out wrong signals to such people. If you don't like clingy people, then you'd be better off setting right expectations by not being way too involved.

If you don't really know what to do, then ignoring can help.

Struggling With Essay Structure: Please Help!

Hello Miamia! Considering essay writing is hard work, nobody wants to write their own essay. That explains the presence of so many writing services of late.

As for your essay, what you're trying to put in place, is called a compare/contrast essay - http://www.ssag.sk/files/How-to-write-a-Comparative-essay.pdf

There are different types of essays and the structure of each type is slightly different from the other.

Although there is no specific formula to write an essay, there are guidelines that can help. Since you have your outline ready, structuring it shouldn't take much time/efforts.

Here's more information - http://www.studymode.com/resources/essays/how-to-outline-and-structure-an-essay

I'll be glad to help if you can give me further details.

And yes, don't worry. You're not the first person this has happened to and you sure won't be the last ;) So, relax :) All the very best!

Problem about unfair and supervisor. Really need help

IMHO, I don't think someone in that position would do such a thing without having a solid reason to do it. There are several plagiarism checkers that allow people to check whether or not your work is original. In case they can prove that you have copied the dissertation, going to a lawyer won't help. You'll only end up losing money. Talk to someone else in the department and seek help.

Textbook help

Hey there, you may want to check out http://texty.studymode.com/?ref=homepage. I sold some textbooks on the site.