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have been trying for one year no resolve

thanks phdbug for correcting me about punctuation marks but i believe forums are one place where u can afford to be casual.

by the way thanks for replying. Actually the project assistant work that i took up required me to make a database
which i was unable to deliver ,blame it on me or on inadequate guidance . As a result of that i could not continue any further
and was asked to leave ; so as far as recommendation is concerned i don't believe that project supervisor is going to give and that is the reason
why i was counting that one year as a gap because i have nothing substantial to show.

with that being said it would be very kind of you if you can guide me as to how to go about further .
Also it would be helpful if u can give me links to any other site bcoz very few international studentships
are advertised on this site most of project vacancies pertain to european union students only

thanks ;-)

have been trying for one year no resolve

hi all i am an indian student i did my masters in bioinformatics an year ago since then i had been applying every where abroad but to no resolve mean while i got a project assistant job somewhere but could not do anything worthwhile or publish able there and so here i am right now job less without phd even after one year of continuous trying and on the brink of quitting , due to a complete year gap i am unable to get a project assistant etc post anywhere else .kindly advise what to do