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summer holidays for phd students??


I'm curious as to what holidays you folks manage to take during the summer months? I am quiet fortunate that my summers are relatively free; I work to make the next two years as easy as possible and attend some conferences but can take fours weeks or so completely off. I'm doing a three year PhD, in the US, in special education (PE). Its worth noting my funding is for nine months of the year too...

So I'd like to hear of your holidays???


Feeling beloning to nowhere as a mid-20s PhD?

Hello Janice!
Thank you for your post... You have described my life!! I am 24, have moved from a small town in Ireland to the US to do a PhD and feel just like you. Too old to form real friendships with the masters students yet not quiet fitting in with the much older other PhD students. There are times when it can be very lonely alright. I'm sure there are many many like us out there; it is just a pity we are not in the same university!!
I will be joining some sports team to see will that help but then, as you know, we are very limited with our free time so I'm slow to commit to too many extra curricular activities.. I guess it is an opportunity for us to focus on getting to know ourselves :) and doing some good work! Hope it all works out well for you,