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PhD vs Experience


I have no interest to be a lecturer or in academic line, but if it is all about research; I'm interested. I have interest in research. I heard lecturers are being paid handsomely but the only drawback of being a lecturer is your social life is limited, what you did/done/do/doing will be observed by the students. The last resort will be going for academia if I'm unemployed because 'overqualified' issue or no experience issue.

I've send email to some of MNC available in M'sia asking about the job prospect after getting PhD; be it the salary, promotion and etc. Hope I'll get some reply soon. You're right, I can't totally believe my supervisor's words. He might just trying to lure me in :)

But I have another question; what I did (if I were to do my PhD) is about thermoelectrics; it's related to semiconductor field but not directly nevertheless. So, will this be a plus to me when I enter semiconductor field later.

PhD vs Experience

I'm currently a first class engineering student who being offered to further my studies in one of the local M'sia university. There is also grant provided so I won't have to get any sponsor for the materials, plus a scholarship.

Also, there are few MNC company offering me a position in their company, of course I still haven't reply them.

I have no interest in being a lecturer or joining the education line whatsoever. The lecturers told me that getting a PhD in 3 years will secure you a job as an Senior Engineer when you join some MNC company with higher salary. Frankly speaking, the salary is what attract me the most, aside from my interest though.

So my question is whether to take the PhD or work first?

Please advise. :-(