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Really unsure what to do!

Quote From DanB:

And it's the same city as my partner. Which I'm still undecided is a good or a bad reason to even think about it.

It's the best reason to think about it.

punctuation question

I'm slowly adapting to the idea that a full stop goes outside brackets (like so). Purely because the full stop is the terminator of the sentence. However, other terminators do roam around (do you see what I mean?) But I don't know - I think your second example looks neater and I really don't like the idea of two full stops.

Eh, who knows? Make a rule and stick to it.

I'm happy doing my PhD

I have a question: How much do people talk to their fellow students?

I live with one, and regularly go out drinking with, say, 6-7 more and have a football team with them (a lot of these things started because of me). I know my department wasn't very socialable at all before I joined, so I'm wondering what other people's experience has been.

I'm happy doing my PhD

Yesterday, I stole a pair of headphones from someone who had left them and spent the day burning through tomatoes and listening to music. It was, actually, a really really good day's work. I didn't want to stop when I did, but I had to go home to go and play football. After getting well and truely spanked (their squad age: 18, our squad age: 28) grabbed a crate of beer and drank with my flatmate and a few friends.

Yeah, I think I can say I like doing a PhD.

This made me giggle...

My girlfriend is expecting me to finish up (I've just started my third year and am 3 chapters in, out of 8), get a job in the next year and be available for a lot of relationship time.

I feel she has somewhat conflicting expectations.

Join me if you have a brain

Yeah, so I read the post and thought, why is everyone being so mean? Then I saw the point about contact hours. How in hell's name can you spend 17 hours on prep for two contact hours? That just doesn't work.

Finding a furnished room in the UK

If you want to call, you can always use Skype. Once you buy credit you can ring landlines and mobiles in other countries from it.

Got results, but I am having doubts with my method???

I'm curious, what do you mean it doesn't explain everything you have done?

Feeling lonely at work

Quote From ultimax:

Perhaps this is a false impression, but maybe the extroverts in the social sciences/humanities seem that much more because they have the "gift of the gab" and a mastery over language. So they talk a lot more, often coming across as sounding really smart, without any moderating influence (ie. humility). Afterall, it's often their words which reflect their intellect, not lab results or things designed/constructed.

I would say it is a false impression. People who lack humility (in all subjects) are often willing to just plow forward with an opinion regardless of support or evidence. In fact, I tend to find those in the sciences much more likely to lack humility because, possibly, they spend a significant amount of time dealing with black/white issues and not issues of irreducible complexity. And we're really not just judged on our words, more clarity of thought.

Teaching opportunity...What would you do?

Seems like a perfect opportunity to try. I would sit in on a couple of his seminars first, to get a feel of the structure that your sup uses and to allow you to plan your seminars accordingly.

Plus, remember that seminars are not about you teaching in the traditional sense (and so not about having total knowledge of your subject area). You structure discussions and exercises in line with teaching objectives, but most of the factual content is brought by the students.

writing up qual findings

This feels like a basic response, but here I go anyway.

How about "stated" "proclaimed" "mentioned" "noted" "revealed" "declared" "disclosed" "informed", and my favourite "detailed"?

Writing Tips

Hey guys,
I'm currently writing up a methodology chapter and I feel I'm becoming a bit repetitive in my paragraph structures. Does anyone know any ways to structure complex points beyond the "First,....." "Second,..." etc

Also, any other tips people can think of for writing would be great.

Thanks :-)

Has my dissertation supervisor failed me?

I will also add this point because I just saw it and think it's relevant.

Going over some feedback from my sup and at the end of it she has written "What is the point of this chapter?" She's not telling me what the point is, she's getting me to figure it out/make it clear.

This is the same sup who, giving me some sage advice, wrote "Don't include this, you sound like an arse." Fair enough I suppose, but the person I was writing about was very very very wrong.

Anyhow, yes, I think you may need to reassess your expectations.

Has my dissertation supervisor failed me?

I would request an extension on the work and maybe make up a reason for it.

On the one hand, this supervisor is clearly crap. But, on the other, you seem to be very dependent upon him to be a problem solver rather than a problem board (to bounce off of) and guide. In the past two years my sups have solved one problem in total that I had with my work and, actually, that was in the last meeting. However, I don't expect them to solve my problems - it's my research; I have to solve (and learn to solve) the problems on my own. That's not to say that my sups are useless; they read through my work, give me advice, criticism and encouragement, and monitor my progress.

Maybe you need to reassess what you expect from a supervisor (as well as asking for an extension).

Just for fun - stupid things you read in papers.

Oh well, if it's okay.

My thesis is on the politics of oil. My students know this and I have demonstrated this knowledge on various occassions. Why, then, one of my students decided to include a point about oil and use statistics that were 28 years (!) out of date is beyond me.

"The UN do not only target social development as a high amount of their efforts are also put into economic development, as poverty and unemployment is not only a major issue for the UK but for the whole of the world as one countries financial instabilit effects numerous countries in terms of globalisation and their economic markets."

I was disappointed they didn't reference unemployment being a problem in other countries.