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Sussing out a supervisor

One for the experts.....
A lot of what I'm reading suggests that getting a good supervisor is paramount to surviving your PhD. Obviously none of you with bad experiences would have chosen your supervisor had he/she screeched abuse at you in the interview, it happens later. So does anyone have any tips (aside from basic intuition) for how to suss these people out? Key questions I could ask, warning signs, etc?
Bit random I know but it's this our I call the premium rate astro-line...

Christian courtship during PhD away from home

I'm with sixkitten....creepy!
If you're so into the Christian principles, why would you consider stealing a girl from a man who's loved her for three years, while she's far from him in a new country no less!?
Go prey on a single victim

Student already decided before interview

Poor you rejection is bad enough but the disrespect of being messed about...that's just rude. This is why I hate EO laws! If they have their desired candidate, why on god's earth waste already scarce funding, academic resources and a stressed PhD-hunter's time? Grrr

Dodgy problem at interview coming up 8(

Wouldn't worry in the slightest, its a numbers game and they'll expect you to have applied elsewhere. It would be unprofessional really for them to ask (although they often do anyway!). My approach has been to say I'm very interested in their project, specify why and leave it at that.......alternatively you can lie and say yes, it's not like they can sue if you change your mind.....or is there a law grad around to contradict me on that?

Choosing your institute/anyone worked for Ness or Roslin?

Hi all, just scrounging for a little advice regarding where to go for a PhD. Does anyone have advice regarding the pros/cons of independent institutes vs universities? My options are all University-linked but not actually within them. Obviously this can limit the chance for wider research exposure, teaching practice through demonstrating, etc. Is that (or indeed academic snobbery) an issue from your experience? And on the offchance... does anyone have experience of the Ness Foundation or Roslin institute?

Many thanks :)

PhD, how to know if you cut the mustard?

Desperately seeking advice on this from those who've taken the leap into PhD already, will be most grateful for any insights.
Basically I graduated last summer (2.1 by borderline viva), have been working abroad for a diagnostics company and am now looking PhD-ward. I don't necessarily hanker for a career in academia, I have interests in genetic couselling and science communication too. However I love research, want a solid grounding in my subject, and not insignificantly I'm tied to North Scotland as my partner has a child here (rules out masters in other interests for now). My question is whether embarking on a PhD really has to be the life-defining, soul-burning move some suggest. IS it worth the struggle if you can live your life without it? Most people of any great success seem to have sacrificed their lives to their research, I know right now that while I will give it my best, I won't give it my whole life, in which case, do I belong there? Oh, and just to complicate things, I've had mental health issues in the past, have others struggled with such things and gone on to cope with a PhD successfully? Many thanks.