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Advice, personal :-(

Talk to your supervisor and see if the deptartment will give you compassionate leave.

Any other PhD mums?

I have five children and I am about to start my PhD, however I did do my undergrad as a parent so I am used to studying with lots of chaos in the background. I am also waiting for the school hols to end so that I can get some peace and quiet during the day ;)

Prepping for first conference presentation

I have been invited to present my undergraduate research project at a conference next week and I am going my final preparations of my presentation now. I have read up on public speaking and how to prepare a presentation but does anyone have any specific tips that they could share about presenting their research?

Your lessons learnt - what and how?

Thank you for creating this topic, I am just about to start my D.Phil and I am desperate for tips on how to prepare for the position.

About to start a PhD and need advice

I have been lucky enough to secure funding for a course very similar to a 1+3 but I don't get a Masters out of it.  The topic is interdisciplinary research between life sciences, physical sciences and computer science. I come from a Computer Science background so I will be spending the next year training as a biologist with the physical scientists.

Since I don't have a research topic yet I have been doing what I can to learn about Biology by reading undergrad textbooks and watching MIT's Open Course series of videos as well as reading books on specifically surviving the PhD process and research and general science news from New Scientist and PhysOrg.

Is there anything obvious that I should be doing as well to prepare for the PhD or am I on track?  I don't have lots of extra time since I am employed as an RA at my undergrad university and I have kids but study tips are greatly appreciated.


Generic Awkward Newbie Hello

I am starting one in something related to computation and biology this Sept as well. Good luck!

I passed!

awesome congrats!