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Question about sampling

Hi I am new here but I generally find that when I want to sample a particular demographic I think about there interests or look for Facebook groups that they belong with. I would look for African American Facebook Groups for example and you will find a lot. I hope this helps.

New Here - 2nd year Phd Student - Advice needed please!

Hi There,

I just discovered this forum as I was looking for advice on my PhD. So I am three months into the 2nd year of my qualitative Phd in Marketing. For the first year or so, I was struggling immensely as I was just writing literature review chapters that did not lead to a clear idea of what my topic actually is. After my first year annual review, it appeared that I still do not have a clear topic narrowed down and also that my topic in general is very challenging.

My topic is very interesting (still needs narrowed down) as it has not been done before. The problem is that my topic is very focused on collecting data from retailing companies. I have attempted from different means to contact people high up in these companies and try to gain access to them to collect my data. However, I keep coming up against stumbling blocks from companies that are not interested, people in these positions who do not reply or the usual, you need to contact so and so instead and then I do and I am back at square one. My current question (supply chains focused) is geared towards really needing access to these companies or similar ones.

I just feel like I have no clear direction and its beginning to frustrate me so much that I have had inspiration to change directions slightly and just do a consumer focused Phd. It would still involve retailing and the sector I want to explore but would focus on another area of discussion such as consumers shopping habits, impact of Brexit on consumers shopping habits or something similar.
I just want to do something I am passionate about and lately I just feel so confused. I really thought for a long time that this Phd stuff was not for me but perhaps that is not it at it. Perhaps i have just had no direction that its like I am floating...

Anyways, anyone give me advice. I really need to discuss this with my supervisors but thoughts?