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Help! Poor BA, but a good MSc - Can I get into Oxbridge?

Hi all.

I've previously posted this on The Student Room, but as I haven't gotten any replies, I thought I would try here.

So the thing is:

I'm currently studying a two-year Master's in a top EU university and have an average translatable to a high 2.1, and good hopes of getting a 1st in my final year. I've also secured two internships related to my field, one in a development NGO and another at the UN.

My problem is that at the time I was doing my BA, I was still fairly immature and lacked motivation and study skills. This resulted in me graduating with just a pass in my degree. I attribute this failure partly to problems within my family and feeling generally unhappy, but in the end I wasn't experiencing anything 'medical' (i. e. no diagnosed depression) that I could prove to gain mitigating circumstances retrospectively.

I've worked incredibly hard to get where I am today and matured significantly as an academic and person, and would like to think that my life isn't over because of a mishap in my early twenties.

Now, there's a specific Master's (yes, I would like to do two) in Oxford (and a similar one in Cambridge) that I would very much like to do, so my question is: do I have any chance of getting in? If yes, are there any specific things I could do in my final year to further improve my situation? And also; how might I go about addressing my poor BA in my personal statement?

I would be very grateful for any help and insight you might have.