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PhD Application Process

Hi guys. I am really eager to start a phd on a part time basis, but am having trouble with finding a research topic. I am looking at tonnes of abstracts on pubmed, but without the full articles, my potential findings are limited before i've started.

In order to obtain the full articles, i need to be a member of a university and have access to an athens account.

What is the application process for a PhD? Do i have to get a definitive project together before i apply, or do i apply, search the journal articles and then propose a project?

Any help you can send my way will be much appreciated!!!

Considering a PhD

Hi, just an update to this thread. Since I started this thread, i have got my results for my MSc, and i am so happy to say that i got a merit! I have taken some time away from studying, and actually really miss it. The PhD is high on my agenda, but think that really and truely, the only way i can do this is by working and undertaking the study part time. This having been decided, the next thing is to find out how it all works...

Am i to understand that the PhD is to discover new research in a subject area. If this is the case, how do some universities offer set programs for PhD's if it has never been done before? If so, does the program just ask the question, and then leave you to discover a sufficient method to form a conclusion?

Also, and i guess this does depend on the answer to the previous question, what does the application process depend on? Do we have to detail an experimental proposal when we apply, or is this something we form whilst we are undertaking the PhD?

Any information you can give me will be much appreciated. I am so confused at the moment that i don't know where to begin. All i know is that i have a deep passion for my subject area and i wish to pursue further study in it and aim to teach it in the long run. I feel that if i don't this now, whilst i have no real commitments, i will regret it and may never get the chance to reach such heights again.   

What are the classifications for a MSc

I have just recieved my results for my MSc and am a wee bit concerned about something and would like to know for sure before I wee myself. What the scoring classifications for a pass, merit and distinction? Is it 50%, 60% and 70+%, respectively?

Words, words, words...

Loving the phrase bank!

Considering a PhD

Hi guys, this is first post, so please be nice!

In a couple of weeks, i am due to finish my MSc in Human and Sports Nutrition. I am considering the future and am contemplating doing a Phd. However, i am not too sure what it will entail, in terms of commitment time-wise. Roughly how many hours per week will i need to put in, if i was to do it part-time? I desperately need to earn some cash! I can imagine this question being a bit like "how long is a piece of string?", but i really haven't got an idea.

I'm not too sure what subject area i want to do my PhD in yet either. Where do i begin looking? My BSc was in Sports Science, my MSc was in Human Nutrition and sports nutrition. I enjoy sports science and both clinical and sports nutrition. I am really confused!

I eventually want to lecture sports science and nutrition at university level, so am i right in saying a PhD is a definite requirement?

Also, do universities take on students and build them into a teaching role, with this in mind, or will i have to then do a teaching course afterwards?

Also, how demanding is the PhD compared to a MSc? I am not scared of hard work and research, but i would like to know what i am letting myself in for.

Do any of you doing your PhD's work part-time as well? If so, how many hours is average? Money is a big concern to me at the moment!

Any information you guys can send my way will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.