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PhD or Job

Definitely the job! Good luck!

in desperate need of advice.. getting cold feet please help

An inexperienced supervisor is not necessarily bad. My friend under a first time supervisor completed his PhD with 2 publications and the most superb supervision one can expect. He also got a job as a post doc 6 months before graduation. On the other hand, it could be really bad if your first time supervisor is really busy trying to prove himself to his colleagues and doing a lot of his own thing, completely ignoring you/treating you as a first in line of his collection of students aka guinea pig, and you having to slough it through solo. In this case, it is better to leave then to be destroyed soul wise.

I agree with buru. Ask for those who had contact with your supervisor on a professional level and see what they think of him. Good luck!

Viva done!

Congrats, Dr Tulip!

How much support can I expect (1st year publication)

The amount of support you receive depends on the type of supervisor you have. If you have a hands off/absent supervisor, you could perhaps expect extremely little. If you have a more involved supervisor, you can perhaps expect someone who could go over your main thesis aims/concept, experimental design and suggest areas of improvement, bearing in mind that you have to suggest the ideas first. If you have a hands off supervisor, I do suggest you look for a mentor who can give you close guidance ASAP as going solo is an extremely painful and time-consuming process. Good luck!

At my wits end!!!

Hi, elnino. I am just wondering, sometimes we are worried because we push ourselves too hard, and other times it is because your gut feeling is telling you that something is wrong. Have you spoken to someone outside your group, another experienced professor/mentor so that he/she can give you an impartial thoughts about your progress? I stress on "outside", someone with no links to your group. If there is reason for concern, then you can always suggest extra help/co-advisor be brought into the team. If there is no reason, then you can put your mind at peace.

What to do if I am downgraded from PhD to MPhil?

Hi, everyone. My PhD has been a roller coaster ride. My supervisors were mostly absent and uninterested in my project and my project was ill-defined from the start. Whilst I have managed to improve my aims and story, I am running out of time, having been told to present my data in the next few weeks. I have two chapters of results and was informed (I appreaciate honesty) by my graduate school coordinator that I may be downgraded to MPhil subject to outcome of my presentation. I am feeling depressed and unable to focus, although I have documents and slides to prepare.

How do I motivate myself to pull through this difficult time? And what should I do if I am downgraded?

Should I quit?

Hello. I am in my third year, generating little data that probably is not even worth MPhil. My supervisors are inexperienced and spends little time discussing my project with me. I planned and did what I think was right. Due to this, something that I had worked on which was meant for my second chapter was completely dropped, since the research questions were not framed properly. I am discouraged from approaching others for help. I have lost all motivation for this project.

Should I stay or should I quit? I have received a scholarship for this and know that if I let go, I may not receive it again. I am sad that it has come to this since I have worked so hard.