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Semigroup Theory ( Algebra )

Great I am currently finding a PhD position on algebra semigroup in Europe. If you like to discussion with me, please contact me at [email protected] or MSN [email protected]

looking for a PHD scholarship as an international student

It sounds great.

Getting lost with the PhD position

I am a Chinese.I applied to Glasgow for a PhD in math last November and also applied for the ORS. But I failed for the ORS. But the future supervisor adviced me to apply this year or apply to other places. I hope to study in Germeny or France but it is difficult to find the relevant information in the Website in these countries. I wonder if it is too late for this year's entry.

Postgraduate loans and part-time work

It sounds great. I was failed in the application for the ORS. The supervisor suggested me apply next year. I am lost at present.