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Hit a low point. Advice needed.

I think that sounds like a great idea, a bit of time away from it always helps I feel. I am in Yr 3 p/t in humanities too and at times I feel completly lost and could not explain what I am doing or why, and I think it is due to overload.
With regards to feedback we will always focus on the negative tones and messages and that is where a break I think could also help. When you go back to it with fresh eyes you might spot some suggestions (rather than criticisms) etc.
I have new trick where I colour code the negative and positive comments, with the colours related to change this/make alterations/some changes needed/update etc. It helps me to see it's not as negative as I first read it to be.
Enjoy your short break :-)

Part-time and living overseas

Thanks guys, great to hear you are all getting on.
I found a bit of motivation this week and ran some stats and pretty pleased with my results!!:-)

I think that motivates me now. Am not due to meet my supervisor til Jan and last night did a plan for the next 10/12 weeks before then. Here is hoping I can stick to it!! With not meeting him that often it can seem like ages away but looking at it week wise it is actually not that far (trying not to panic.....)

Good to hear also I am not the only one juggling familyy and work life too, sometimes all that juggling means something has to fall (and usually its for me its the upkeep of my house, but I comfort myself with thoughts at least its not the upkeep of my children thats suffering.....;-)

Part-time and living overseas

As the title suggests I am p/t PhD student, living in a different country to the Uni and sup. I am working with. It is hard going (esp with working f/t and family etc) but the hardest part is probably the not having anyone to moan to/run things by I think. A few of my friends and colleagues are good but it would be great to have other PhD students to talk to I feel.

I am in my 3rd year of Psych PhD and was just wondering if anyone else is doing this part-time or overseas and how they are coping with it all.


How long to write up?

I am doing a Psych PhD also, and was just wondering how you are doing 4/5 studies? I have 2 done and my sup wants me to do 3. Last month he started talking about a 4th and I got really fed up and have done very little since tbh!! Now I am extending the sample of my 1st study (surverys) and hoping to do some more for the 2nd (interviews), in the hope that this will be enough to leave me with 3.

I suppose I thought my supervisor was being ridiclous asking me to do 4 studies. Collegues and friends have done much smaller studies and only 1/2 and that has been enough. Is this common in Psych??

I am p/t student, in my 3rd year now and sometimes feel I know less about PhD than when I started!!:p