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Lack of motivation to research or search for positions post PhD. How to address this feeling?

I remember experiencing these feelings that you are having. I took a break after I graduated with my PhD and thought I will be able to jump into a position when I felt good and ready. But when I did try and the job responses weren't coming in and I saw my former school as my only option for working, in I started feeling very similar to how you are. But as someone mentioned above, if you want to work in your former lab, that should be fine. However, hopefully you are still interested in the work being done in the lab and you feel that you can thrive in that environment still. If not, then this may bring on more wavering emotions throughout your post grad time there. If you want to go into industry I say stick with applying to jobs there. Eventually you may land a position you want. It took me a long time to land my industry position as a Field Application Scientist but it was well worth my uneasy wait. Keep the Faith. Accept the position you are in and the emotions experienced. Find Motivating things to listen to or read to keep you going. And go after what is more likely to make your heart Happy.

Unemployed PhD


Way to be vulnerable. I went through something similar with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. It is a long road that can be very discouraging sometimes. But the key as said above is to keep applying for what you really want to do!! Even if you take a temporary space filler position; Keep applying! Because the application process started getting discouraging as well I then started to just do Indeed.com clicks instead of the whole one hour application and cover letter process. It began to be tooo much. And ironically I landed an interview for my first job after my PhD. A job that I really like. Don’t loss
Faith. Pray and apply.