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A mistake with registration document of phd made

Hello all.
I am writing in regards to something I did because I was under stress. I am first year phd before registration. I had to send my registration document to my supervisors for a check before submission. I misunderstood my supervisor's email and instead of sending the ready document to her, I submitted it straight away on the system alongside another document I completed without discussion. So, the phd registration document is officially submitted. My supervisor sent me an angry email and she thinks I did it intentionally behind her back, which is not the case at all. I got very very worried that she will suspend me or she may refuse to work with me and has a bad opinion about me. I do not know how I got confused, really. It was very stupid of me. My questions are firstly, can the supervisor withdraw the registration document even submitted and second, can the supervisor refuse to work with me or reject the document or do something else?
Thank you to all of you.