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still haven't found a postdoc position, feeling disheartened

I have to agree with tru on the first author issue. It will be hard.
When I was applying to post doc before submitting my thesis- I got nowwhere. Funding is for specfic timeframe and PIs want someone who can start straight away. I started applying for research roles that didnt require a PhD, the first job I appplied and interview for I got. It was also nice to do reserch wihtout the pressure of a PhD or post-doc.
After I submitted, I began applying for post-docs, I was offer plently of interviews, and finally accept one post viva.
In my current role, you had to have graduated with a PhD to even be considered. I currently seeing that this is the case wiht alot of current post-doc, PIs want students that have their by signed off and completed fully.

My advice would be to start applying for other research roles (not post-docs), get some experince, and then when you submit start applying again.

Typical pages for a Computer Science PhD Thesis?

Check your uni guidelines and look at other people thesis who have passed out within your department. Your supervisor should be able to inform you also.
Remember its quality over quantity

Changes in experimental design right before Ι proceed to collect participants

I argree with rewt. well done on noticing the error. Explain to you supervisor what exactly happen and why it need to be changed. They should be fine with it !

Thesis Abbreviations

I think it is fine and what I did.
My lit review had none, as such bar one!
The working chapter had loads. I had a full list at the start of the thesis and the first time they were used in each chapter I stated what they were again. My second sup. suggested this as not everyone will read the thesis from start to finish. and he found the abbreviation being mentioned again in each chapter easier to follow.
Just make sure your abverviation are clear.

I can publish! Is it possible to find a remote job?

Congrats on finishing the PhD.
it is possible but will be hard. I don't know what field you are in, but from my experiences, they want you on the ground, even with covid.
How are you planning to fund the papers and research? Are you looking for your own grants- if so it might be possible to remote work? If you are looking to use someone else funding to hire you I doubt they will be very happy- but again depends on the field.

In my experience, I worked remotely as I was finishing up in my last role (4 weeks)-but mainly due to it all being computer work and refusing to renew an accomdation contract when I knew Id be leaving.
In my current role, I am allowed to work remote- but an also onsite 75% of the time, but I work in the science.

Should I pursue another PhD

There is someone in my lab doing a second PhD, but the topic is different than her first.

I would suggest looking for a post-doc, more money, more chance to research what you like etc. The fact that you already have a research fellowship, that's the type of role you should be looking for next.

Found a Huge Methodology Flaw

Hi Rewt,

This happens more than you think with feedstocks. By dector I assuming your measure gas ? can you do any validaiton now? it could be there dector either ?
Can you begin expeirmetns again ? Is there any other way to get it to work, such as increase feedstock amounts, try co-digestions etc ? Your contribution is not nil, you tried something and it didnt work, that a results in itself. If more people mention what didnt work so many people would save time and engery. I have just finshed a batch of trials for biofuels, industry partner approved the methods, results sucked and they said they tried it that way last year and results were poor so they stop- could have saving me a few months if they said it at the satrt !

Personally I would let them know what happen, explaine it work for differnt feedstocks.Let them know about the dector they might have suggestion. Also did you keep samples- they might be able to measure them for you. The purpose of these meeting is to share work but also to solve promblems etc. Your not the first person this has happen to.

Best Methodology?

What software do you plan on using ?
Personally, I would compare the first 6 months of one year with the same 6 months of the next year. Rather than 1 year with a half a year.
THere are helpful guides online like Laerd, minitab has there own guide etc
But it all depends on the software you use.

PhD thesis outcome after resubmission

Hi Hade,
What is your uni policy on how long exminer can take- mine was 8 weeks, i know others that were 12. Bare in mind its also exam season, so many exmainer have duties to get done before reading you thesis.
Why dont you ask the PG office if there is an update or when can you expect to hear.

formatting thesis

My thesis was 7 chapter- formatted in word. It took be about two/three weeks. I did have each chapter formatted before sticking it all together. I found it easier to tackle one type of formatting at a time. For example- making sure all heading were the same styles, then move onto the sizing of graphs etc.

I would say to leave the table of contents etc until last- I done this first and had to edit it multiple times.

Phd Loan Split

Hi Ellen,

Your PhD is not funded ? If the loan is coming from the bank, surely they give it to you in one lump sum and you decided how to send it ? The bets person to ask would be the person given the loan.

If its a stipend it will state its tenable for X years- in my experinces stipends are paid over that time frame- usually monthly, but can be every 3-6 months

to quit or not to quit? And then what?

I kinda agree with rewt all uni differ. Durng my post grad it was left to us to orgainsed these things. I am back now as a post-doc and covid has effected it all. We had one semeiar online for pg and they all said it was crap and it was more stressfull presenting online. Due to covid you cant meet in larger groups, you cant hang out after working hours so its buts a dapner on all things.

Im sure the same is being said in larger uni that do orgainse these thing for PGs. Can you help resolve the promblem- can you and a few othr PGs set up a semeinar or online meet up ? The uni doestnt have to orgainse eveything.

In terms of quiting you PhD- I equally dont know if leaving due to a lack of semiars/gather etc. is really a good idea.
In terms on not telling a uni why you left you other ones- how are you going to explain what you have been doing. From my point of view, currently reading CVs to hire PG, I would question the gap- and it would rasie a red flag for me. On afew were they have left a programm they have given reason as to why. bare in mind someone will call your references before hiring you.

Ownership equipment I got funding for

Yes it is the uni property. You go the funding while working for them !

Working on PhD during interruption?

I took a suspension for a few months during my PhD on health grounds. I did do some work on the writing of chapter and papers- on the days that i felt like it ( which were very few). My superviser argee that I could do this but there was no pressure to, We also argee that I would send one of them an email every two weeks to check it and to keep them infomred.
If its a lab based project, I doubt she will be able to on health and saftey and insurance grounds. I know I wasnt allowed into the lab. If her supervisor know where she at, that must be willing to let her catch up when she back. If it was me I would take the time needed to get better and when they arrive back have a mangable plan of action on how they will complete the needed work.

Dyslexic PhD student needs editing help

I struggled with this during my PhD thesis. I agree with rewt ask people for help, but send them completed sections, for examples the introduction, or methods... not just a paragraph here and there.

If you use work download Grammarly or use the read-aloud function. I find read allowed good- you can hear what you have written being said and can edit then.