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Stats question - Power analysis with multiple within groups variables using G*Power

Retrospective power calculations are bad!!!

How did you decide on your original sample size?

how do u guys deal with rejections from journal editors?


More seriously, every paper should be rejected!
If it is accepted first time, there is a risk that you have under-sold yourself and you should have submitted somewhere better first time.
Just revise (based on comments you have) and re-submit elsewhere.

Appropriate incentives...

I think the key question here is whether it will actually be effective.

Depending on the set-up (e.g. if they get to miss class to participate), an incentive may not even be needed.

Decent refreshments can often be very effective!!

Should the sample size be given in the proposal itself?

If you don't have an idea of sample size at the outset, how will you know research question is answerable??

PhD by publication UK

There was a similar question the other day.

PhD by publication is a route to a PhD for people who already have publication (a form of accreditation by prior learning).

What do you mean by 'reasonable impact'? Qualitative research with that number of participants does not usually get anywhere decent!!

qualitative research question

Discussion should discuss your results in the context of other research.

You shouldn't introduce new data- if it wasn't important to go in results, why is it in discussion?

Advice - DProf or PhD

Surely the reason for requiring a PhD for posts is that it provides evidence of achieving key skills. A DProf does not necessarily give you those skills. I wouldn't shortlist a DProf if criteria was PhD unless really desperate to fill post.

PhD by published work requires 5-6 publications of a decent standard with a coherent theme. They are targetted at people who already have publications- i.e. Essentionally a form of accreditation of prior learning.

BTW- you will not be competitive for an NIHR doctoral fellowship with that publication record!

I need some support

Quote From Naimat:
Dear Sudents,
I hope you are well.
I am a new on this website, and i am looking forward some motivation in order to work hard and get my phd research done.

Thank you in advance.


Hope that helped. :)

Can anyone help me with this paragraph?

Quote From Hiini:
Does anyone have better idea to present this paragraph? Please give me some advice. Deeply appreciated.

[The role of facilitator is to presented the training information to the participants, as well as listen and learn from the other participants, and share her experiences and insights with them. Please keep in mind “THERE IS NO HEALTHCARE ADVISOR IN THIS TRAINING PROGRAM”. ]

Thank you everyone.

Seems to jump around tenses a bit .

I am unsure who is listening and learning- the facilitator (as the text suggests) or are the participant's learning from each other's experiences??

I would start with 'The facilitator will....'

Is there a reason for female pronoun?? I would change to their.

Why is the healthcare advisor bit in capital letters and speech marks? Just write that 'There will be no healthcare advisor present....'

When do you get your thesis professionally proof read?

No one is going to know..... But why take the risk as theoretically the thesis you officially submit is not the one that was examined.

Also- if its been examined and acceptable, what is the point paying for proof-reading?

PhD supervisor may not have PhD

No requirement for a PhD supervisor to have a PhD at most universities.

So, its not a problem!

When do you get your thesis professionally proof read?

You shouldn't make any changes once corrections have been accepted.

How to respond to a very negative reviewer?

I don't think there is much point contacting the editor- in this situation, they could have gone with rejection or revision. They have decided to go with revision and decided not to invite a third reviewer. They are obviously happy that it may be suitable for publication.

I would respond point-by-point- do not ignore anything, even if you just put 'thank you for this comment.'

BTW- if your paper is not rejected, it has obviously been pitched too low!


Quote From Adobe:
I am a first year masters student in an urban planning program. I emailed my professor to request discussing the reading after missing a class. His initial response was yes, set a time. I then accidentally messaged him a thank you meant for another professor. He messaged me with ???? and I appolagized for the mix up and set a time. He then responded with this.

"4:30 pm is fine as long as the mewing needs are brief. I leave at 5:15 pm sharp for a southbound train."

I looked up "mewing" and it is defined as--" a cat or some kinds of bird) make a characteristic high-pitched crying noise.
"a throng of cats and kittens mewing to be fed"

This was Wednesday. I haven't responded and I have class with him on Tuesday.

What to do?

I am a female student and he is a male professor. He has also asked me in office hours before how old I am.

Over-reaction alert!!!

Probably a typo and just meant to write meeting!

Problem about unfair and supervisor. Really need help

Based on your writing above and assuming dissertation is in English...

I would suggest that either your writing is so bad to be worthy of the award or your supervisor is right!

In terms of questioning, was this a viva? In which case, it forms part of the requirements of the award.