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Hi , I echo what BilboBaggins has advised. Pineapple, did you publish anything during your PhD ? I do not understand why you feel your supervisors should be involved now. They are undoubtedly very busy people and also the PhD viva marks the transition from a student to an independent researcher so you should not feel the need to involve them. There is no harm in submitting to a journal and being rejected - this is part of the whole process Sometimes it is very beneficial if the paper goes out for review and is rejected because you receive crucial feedback. Until the paper is all set in print it is always to be thought of as a work in progress. I suggest you consider which journals are your target journals and make sure you tailor the articles to their specific requirements - choosing the right paper category to submit to and the style is appropriate for the journal etc. I published throughout my PhD on both related and unrelated topics to my thesis - I am wondering why you are not using this opportunity now to submit the PhD as a monograph - this is what I am currently doing as a book is worth much more than papers on an academic CV and if you publish from your thesis, you may not be able to use the same material if you do decide to turn it into a book in the future.


Dear all

You may remember last year that my PhD was awarded an MPhil .. well, without going through the whole story which is too negative for now, the examiner's decision was nullified pretty soon after I received the outcome .. to which end, I received a new viva with new examiners and it passed like a dream ! The examiners were very positive about the thesis and recommended book publication, and it was a very supportive and thought-provoking discussion. I received only very minor editorial corrections. Now looking back, I can see how much strength and determination the whole process took let alone the writing of the thesis. But now I can move on, and career is going well. My advice is keep focussed, and there are some bad players in academia, but if you keep your conscience clean, a victory is certainly possible and well-deserved. Thank you for all of your support during such a horrendous time. I never thought such a great outcome was possible! Good luck!

Update on resubmission rejection

Thanks so much for your support. Yes, a new viva with new examiners who will not know of the first submission as this has been disregarded now. I have done all I can work wise and let's hope this was enough - and for you too Pineapple!

Update on resubmission rejection

Dear all,

I am sorry for not being in touch especially since some of you sent such kind and helpful advice - the last few months were very difficult but I am pleased to say that there is now some light!

Just to recap, my resubmitted thesis (which was not required a 2nd viva) was rejected outright with a very minimal report.

Several months later, the decision was nullified due to a variety of reasons - some were quite appalling to think they happen in a world of academia that is supposed to be just and transparent.

Consequently, I will now have another viva.

Quite paradoxically, the last few months have also seen an implosion in the interest in my research and it has been going from strength to strength - its actually unbelievable. But this has carried me through.

I am feeling very scarred from my experiences and am dreading the new viva - I think I have accepted failure - but also the edge has been taken off the pressure because hopefully I have a strong enough foundation now in my research area that I can keep afloat and survive. For the purpose of post-doc grants though I of course require the PhD and also I have put in many years of work and life energy so I hope I pass.

Most of all, I am very saddened that some very well-known professors have acted in a very downtrodden way - who were also aware that I have been establishing strong publications etc (this was actually mentioned in the report).

I am not sure if anyone has been through similar? I just hope that after all this the PhD will be granted. I am hoping the viva will be this year. Any advice how to prepare and how to 'judge' my thesis (my supervisor was very happy with it and outraged at what happened) in terms of whether it meets the requirements to pass would be greatly appreciated!

Pregnant and terrified PhD

Hello Sara25
I am sorry to see your distress but please, I feel you will be just fine. I can understand and emphasise with your aspirations, and the reasoning to relocate so far for the opportunity for your PhD.
You have a wonderful future ahead - career and family.
Of course, experiencing the birth of your first child will present its challenges! But I can assure you that in all those lives you view as carefree, there are stories that create different challenges for these students.
In other words, during a PhD, due to the life stage we are at, we are all going through changes and I am sure also that the PhD just attracts craziness!
If our supervisor is worth their position, then they are understanding and compassionate.
You will build up a support network too - in your department and also through interaction with other expectant parents through your hospital.
There are no absolutes = it will neither be easy or difficult. But you will manage, and you will get through.

resubmission failed

Supervisor wants me to appeal. What do I do? What does the process entail? The only example I can find online is a case that took 7 years to resolve ....

resubmission failed

Thank you. I am truly heartbroken. I am trying to find a solution. Luckily I have a supportive network of academics and I am in the process of seeing if I can submit it through another university - though the professor is having to enquire about this. Any experience of this would be greatly appreciated please. Thank you for your support. I am so embarrassed to tell my friends and family.

resubmission failed

phd resubmission failed. supervisors were very happy and had it proof read by a well known professor in my field who said it was one of the best he has read.
what do i do?
can i submit to another university overseas?
academic career is already established and going very well. i need phd. absolutely devastated.

Being Bullied

THANK YOU! I am saddened to hear of similar stories, but grateful for your understanding. Also much appreciate the links as up till now I was unaware of any potential avenue of help.
I am a student in one university, employed in an academic position in another university, and the professor in question is from yet another university. It has extended and become very abusive and personal.
I will PM, if you do not mind, in the next day or so. I thank you all again, and please let's continue to share and seek justice - I am tired of feeling a victim!

Being Bullied

This is related to my experience as a PhD student and I am at a loss at where to turn to so I hope you can be of help. I am in a very difficult situation and cannot understand how it began or believe it is happening! There is only one word to describe it - bullying. I have tried to take constructive steps but have been hit back due to my junior status compared to a very senior position. It is severely affecting my health as well as career and is very serious. Obviously I cannot go into details but I'm finding that such situations are very hush-hush and surely there must be something we can do to ensure we are treated fairly? If what is happening to me right now was happening in a 'social' or public setting then there would be no doubt that the behaviour is liable to prosecution. Except when it is in academia, it is a return to the Dark Ages. If there are any organisations or likewise you could recommend, please help. Thank you so much for your time reading this. Its one step out of isolation.

Please someone say something..anything to help me

Dear Heidi
I am so glad you posted on here - I hope you are feeling more supported. You are going through a shockingly difficult time and are being so humble about it. Many people would have completely - and understandably - crumbled by now. You have a wonderful PhD ahead of you in such a necessary subject and a beautiful young daughter. I know you are focussing and anchoring on these positive parts of your life, but yes, you also need a more compassionate solution to completing your PhD than a strict and ensuing deadline. I hope your university will be supportive. In any case, whilst you say it is your husband who is powerful, I think you have the power to achieve anything - power is not power if it is accompanied by abusive action. Please keep in touch with us, and do PM if you like. You are not alone, and you will get through this for sure.

How often do PhD resubmissions fail ??

Very anxious awaiting after a few months now the outcome of a PhD resubmission.

People keep reassuring me that after all this it will not fail, and the examiners want to pass students - and that if the list of corrections is ticked then the PhD will be awarded.

But I keep having nightmares of receiving a letter and seeing in black and white the caption ''We are very sorry to inform you that .. ''

My supervisor says I should not consider failure as if it were the case then I would have been failed at the Viva.

But nothing is calming my nerves anymore - please share experiences if you have been through this! Much appreciated!! Thank you!!

How original is / was your thesis?

Hi Marasp! Glad to see you are bravely tackling your corrections!

Your PhD sounds wonderful - every PhD on human rights surely is a great contribution in light of the atrocities that are happening in all respects around the globe.

I remember when I was justifying ''my'' originality for the thesis, I was advised to consider why I am writing on the topic; what brought me to this point; what would I like to achieve. For me, coming from Moral Philosophy, it was important to pay homage to several conceptual oversights that I felt had been made in the debate I was critiquing even though the debate is very well-versed.

Thus, your own narrative can aid the originality justification too and make for an interesting read. Of course, frame it within an academic context and argumentation but certainly it is useful and valuable to place your own perspective - this will also help navigate the examiner's lens to where you want them to see your work both now and in the future.

It is quite an exciting correction to tackle at this stage - for I hope that it will reignite and sustain your motivation for the correction period when you are reminded of the importance of your work!

Hope that helps!

Oh, and as for how much novel theory does my thesis provide - well, that could be debated of course but it is difficult to argue against when you critically evaluate other contributions to the literature in line with your general thesis premise, and also clearly state in the introduction and conclusion what it is you are claiming to be original, and then the rest of the thesis is more or less an exploration of why it is original! Examiners are looking for originality thus clear statements will go down very well!

that disgust of opening the thesis document

Marasp, I know. I emphasise fully. I spent a year writing my resubmission too. And looking back, it more or less is a blur, and I cannot believe I got through. But I did, and so will you.
I agree - make a separate document. I did that too, and it helped as I was not re-visiting but doing something 'new'.
Also, break down the list of corrections into as much as bullet-point format as possible and keep this with you. It becomes a 'to do' list, and very achievable. Once all are crossed off then it is done. Think in this way rather than on a time-scale.
Remember, you have got through. The viva was a huge milestone. Everyone has corrections, just different extents and it is impossible to compare as no two PhDs are the same.
For now, keep reminding yourself that with every day and every correction ticked, you are going forwards and closer to finalising PhD.
Also strictly stick with the examiner's directives. This is what they will be checking. I just submitted my R&R and included a cover letter going through each point and saying how and where I have addressed them.
You've got this far and though it does not feel like it right now, you are actually very close to the finishing line! Good luck!!

Really really scared: supervisor leaving

Hey, Im sorry you are feeling such a tension. I would say that you really should not worry as this is much more common than you may realise - it actually happened to me half way through. Universities are used to this, and there will be solutions for sure. Also, I am sure your supervisor has invested in your project and wants to see it through to the end, especially as you are so close to submission. Could you ask your second supervisor to help you with the feedback on your draft thesis. If your supervisor is not moving for another couple of months, then it seems likely she will have chance to read your draft since you want to submit in 2 weeks. Once you submit, it is more or less out of your supervisors hands anyway - they don't even sit in on the viva (though I think in some universities this is an option), so her support is not so crucial. It is unfortunate, but on the plus side, this news has also come at the best time - when your PhD is almost completed rather than at an earlier stage when you would need to find another supervisor. I imagine you are feeling very tired with the pressure and hard work of this stage of the PhD so please console yourself by remembering you are almost through, and no university will let a PhD student slip through their hands especially at this stage - your success = success for their research assessment :) You are almost there - stay positive!