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rail ticket inspectors: any experiences out there?

Jobsworth ticket inspectors really wind me up, in this case you have good grounds to make a complaint. Some need to display common sense, once I was traveling in a group of 20 on a mix of adult + YP railcard tickets. We all had paid the approriate fare but one guys railcard had expire last month. We weren't looking to fare-dodge but it was an honest mistake, not according to the inspector who made us pay a full standard fare. I undertand we were technically in the wrong but we were hardly the fare-dodgers they were trying to clamp down on. Some common sense would have gone down well.

First Class at BA, potential 2:2 at MA

Quote From bow:


I didn't do a masters degree so i could be wrong but don't masters degrees use a different grading system to bachelors degrees (distinction, merit etc).

Masters degrees I'm sure must be far more challenging than undergraduate degrees and so you really shouldn't be so hard on yourself. If I was an employer I would be impressed by the fact that the student had taken the time and effort to educate themselves to a higher academic level, and appreciate that masters degrees are more difficult than undergraduate degrees.
I'm sure you have nothing to worry about - you should be proud of your achievements!

This! The very fact you have undertaken and gained a masters puts you ahead of other potential job applicants, and your disapoointment at not acheiving top marks shows you have a drive and determination to do well, which is also a character trait employers will look for. You are in a great position so don't despair!

Highs and lows

You're not alone and this forum is a great outlet ot air your feelings. It also shows the importance of having support thoughout your phd as it does put you through the mill a bit. The need to switch off and relax every now and then is a improtant way of coping.

How do you cope when, just like buses...

I had a similar situation a few years back when I moved house, started a new course and a new realtionship all in the space of a week - it was pretty overwhelming!
I thinkg getting settled in your new place is a priority. If you can get a solid 'base' where you feel at home and can relax it helps you to cope with the things a new job & relationship can throw at you.


I'm still confused as to why the left one question intentionally blank, why leave the space??


Random question- how much sleep do you need?!

I hear 8 hours is the norm and I admit when I get elss than that I still feel tired in the mronings! SOme friends I know though can survive on as little as five hours, I just carys from person to person. Going to bed a 9pm for a 9-5 job seems a bit extreme though!

Who protested today?

It was such a shame though that the protest will be mainly remembered by the mindless idiots who decided to trash central London. I'n guessing these rent-a-thugs were the same people who smashed stuff up at the students protests back in November. They cause more harm than good.

how much money you earn ??

Quote From emmaki:

Well, I am working FT and doing a PT PhD.
Currrently, I earn 1200 euros per month (about 1000 pounds), and when I finish my PhD, I will be getting 15 euros more per month (that is about 12 pounds)...
I can't leave my job, since I have a contract for 10 years (although it is a permanent job, I have to stay at it for at least 10 years)...
So, not much of a difference for me..........

Being forced to work in a job for ten years seems a bit harsh, is that the terms of your funding then???

The Cost of PhD Plagerism (German Defence Minister Resigns!!!)

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The cut-and-paste mentaility certianly makes it temptingly easy to plagerise but academics are fighting back with increasingly complex software that can scan documents for evidence of copied material. You can base your work on somebody else's, as long as you don't copy their sentances, ay least demonstrte that you have put at least some thought into it!