Psychology and Drama


Hi everyone.
I am currently studying a Drama degree and am in my final year. In the first two years I studied psychology to make up credits for the drama degree.
I am now faced with a decision.
Carry on studying psychology to become a practicing clinical psychologist or counselor.
Or simply go into the big world next year and see where life takes me with the drama industry.
I guess I am writing this in the hopes that someone could guide me or give me some insights or opinions so here is what my thought process is at the moment.

If I had to study psychology, the pros would be:
I love it and am very interested in it.
Love the potential of money making
Can still be my own boss
There is security in this career. (more so than the drama industry at least).

Right, then there are the cons:
This will be another 4 years of study,
A psychologist's career demands a lot of attention and I fear that what I have studied as an actor in Drama may fall to the wayside.

Honestly, I have a great passion for both of these. I see myself making it in both fields.
But I guess I would like to know if anyone out there has experienced this and if they could offer some great advice...
Thank you. :)


Hi. I am completely working in a different field but I would go for psychology career.
Something else, you only mentioned pros and cons for psychology, this reflects your real desire.


Hello, Psychology PhD student here.

I don't have too much to add, I just wanted to emphasise how competitive psychology is, and particularly clinical psychology. That is my aim as well, and I am doing a PhD to have a better chance at getting onto the DClinPsy afterwards. It is insanely competitive, and unless you are at Oxbridge or similar you will need a masters at least.

I'm not saying don't do it - I am doing it myself! What I am saying is make sure you really are passionate about clinical psychology before you make your decision - I would try to get some experience volunteering for the Samaritans or Mind. That will both boost your CV and give you more information as to whether you think the competition of clinical psychology is worth it.


My university offers an MA in Drama Therapy. That could be a way to combine both your interests.


Hi dear! To be honest, I didn't such a situation as you, but to my mind, you can choose one of them and to leave the second one just as a hobby for you!


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