FindAPhD Post It Notes


Well, that was a find! My parents are currently redecorating all the bedrooms (now I've moved out, although I'm still having a bedroom there as a base as lots of friends and family around the area so often visit).

In the list of things they've found are...

... my FindAPhD Post-It notes! I got these aaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago - about 4 years ago - and a mousemat if I remember correctly!

I think Andy and Andy (and Caz now of course!) should give away some more, share the love



strange, I've found mine not so long ago and started to use. But can't find the pens.


You got pens? Oooooo how I would love a FindAPhD pen...


Wow!!! I would so love that!


There are pens and post-it notes! :-x


I never got any when I joined years ago! I feel so lonesome now... :)


I am prepared to admit publicly that i love stationery - so some FindAPhD pens and post it notes would really make me happy...who do we petition???

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I have never received such items and tbh, my PhD would have progressed a lot quicker if I had - I spend at least 2 hours per day searching for pens!


Algaequeen, I didn't get them when I joined, I can't actually remember how I got them... I remember where i was living at the time though.

Is it still the two Andy's who run the show? I always imagined them as a bit of a double act, like Morecambe and Wise or Hinge and Bracket.


There maybe a competition thread to write some content that may be used on the site the prize for which, may be free branded stationary! We will see

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What? We write content all the time! And if it's proper published type stuff, I, for one, would want paying properly, not with a crackerjack pen.

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Can we add it to our CVs if we win?

Sneaks (2010) musings on procrastination.


our stuff isn't any old tat you know!!
And don't forget it was you lot who asked for the free stuff!

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We are training to be writiers who operate at a very high level. You would have to be offering solid gold tiffany.


some people are happy to do a small bit of writing for fun and recieve our stuff, however it's optional and you don't have to if you feel it's a waste of your time, but you are on here often enough!!