The Facebook-esque post your current status thread


Those of us who Facebook will be familiar with this, you simply enter a bit of text starting with your username: "Sylvester...." denoting what you are up to right now. I'll start the thread off but feel free to join in..

"Sylvester is supposed to be learning some programming but is finding it difficult so is surfing instead."


Angel of the North should be re-writing a particularly dull section of her thesis but instead has been out and eaten cake.:-)


Chrisrolinski is supposed to be writing a highly original chapter on political symbolism but is actually, in fact, merely surfing and drinking tea. Please shoot him to save future embarassment in a impending panel meeting. Kthx bye.


Timefortea should be reading and summarising some articles for her supervisor but is actually playing fire engines and ambulances with her son. :-)


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lol Sylvester! nice one.

Lara is writing about metastatic models and panicking at the same time about whether she will finish the introduction chapter by tonight :-s


ProcrastiPro is reading a mountain of marginally relevant pamphlets, probably to avoid writing a concluding paragraph...and incidentally is eating everything in sight.


404 is feeling like a slacker even though she baked a cake, cooked lunch and prepared summer cocktails for her friends today.


Pari is on a guilt trip for waking up sooo late today and has been writing up ever since....:-)


Tsipat is supposed to  be writing a chapter on partnerships in international development but is out of steam, just washed her hair and is planning to watch Note Book on channel 4 @9pm!


P'Bug is feeling like digging a hole in the ground and dying.


chrisrolinski is sat here with a cup of dandelion tea filling in his departmental "skills and graduate awareness" form for the academic year, then doing more preparation for his panel. He is listening to September: Midnight Heartache.



Bonzo is contemplating life as the Littlest Hobo as he keeps on hearing a voice that keeps on calling him, down that road thats where he wants to be!


Walminskipeasucker is drunk and laughing hysterically at the impossibility of the work he has to get done! hehe! He's going to look and feel like shit tomorrow, but that's tomorrow so he just doesn't care. He really can't wait until all this crap is over, but has a sneaking feeling that this is what it's actually going to be like if he works as an actual researcher.


Sylvester is off to bed. After an afternoon of procrastination he ended up doing some decent work tonight and has earned his day out in the hills with his bike tomorrow. Yay!


chrisrolinski just laughed bitterly at his computer screen after just finishing writing a 'work to do list' to give in to his panel alongside a form of mandatory professional development hours undertaken this semester. chrisrolinski thinks that this term is going to be hellish and he wants to run away to a small swedish village on the norwegian border by the arctic circle.