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Just came across this...some of you might find it useful. I think it is quite good especially for people like me for whom English is not a first language :)...good luck


have been looking for something like this for ages! very helpful! thanks for sharing


Marvelous, this is great, in my world we call them stem sentences...


Thanks! Writing can be a pain ... ;-)


I studied at Manchester for a while so have come across this before. I'd forgotten about it though and now happens to be a perfect time for me to be reminded. Thanks!


Glad it is of use...I am not studying at Manchester but was forwarded this link, and I think it is quite useful :)


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I got lucky, my supervisor agreed to editing for English and referencing paid by the university, so now my writing time can be faster.
My friend recommended me this one, can someone else recommend such a service as well that they know to be professional and accurate? I do not want to select one which does not do a perfect job.

I have used Enago english editing service-
they were quick and good

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Thanks, that is extremely useful!