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I have sort of achieved my goal today by arranging the first section. But as I am co-writing this chapter with my supervisor, I think I will send her the structured zero draft anyway. Quite, quite nervous as it is my biggest project ever, but also nervous about how she is going to react to my zero draft. It is going to be interesting - , but I have to do it now because I will be away (actually will live in the same timezone as you guys do) for a while (3wks). So if I want to get something efficiently done, I have to get her feedback before I leave.


Hello all,
checking in for my evenings work, I normally start a bit earlier but I knew id feel terrible if I didnt get anything done today.
So tonight Im going to be
1.freewriting to find my argument for my conference paper and going into architect mode....
2.Trying to finish up my free writing for my second chapter.


Hi all,

Just a mid-day check in for me down here in Buenos Aires:

SillyBilly - good luck with your presentation tomorrow - you will rock it!! A good friend of mine swears by half a shot of liquor an hour before any important presentation, but its probably not the best advice!

Zylynn: I hope your zero draft is well received! Its good that you were able to put it out there!

On another note - I love that we are spread out all over the world! Anywhere, anytime, at least SOME of us are working. I take comfort in that! :)


that is really cute actually what anthro just said that we're all around the world, yet connected through this thread :)

i've just had to say no to a really good friend of mine :( about meeting up tommorow. i really wanted to, but i just cant afford to get distracted right now. saying no was hard though.


so far. i have achieved aim number 1. i did the discussion of chapter 2 (that i was meant to get done last night).

i am currently working on aim number 2: results section of chapter 4. its going very slowly!!

i just had dinner, and about to start again.

good luck guys! see you later on tonight.


hello folks.

completed aim 1.discussion of chapter 3 ( but last paragraph/conclusion needs further work based on a new paper)

did 1/4 or so of aim 2: results section of chapter 4.

learnt about how to fix margins in accordance to the UOL rules. also learnt how to do automatic bullet points.
and about text wrapping around figures.

tommorows aim. must finish results section of chapter 4. i am really behind schedule!

nite nite folks


Clock in 11:15am Hong Kong
I worked for two and half hour right after I got up this morning before I clocked in here. Just now, I sent out the draft to my future supervisor and am really nervous about it. Wait and see how she relies now. Meanwhile, I am just going to give myself a short break.

Lara, I know how you feel about turning down your friend's social invitation. I don't know how appropriate the following quotes are, they may sounds hush, but it seems to work for me. However, I would change slightly from "sacrifice" to "temporary sacrifice" in this case.
It is a clear gain to SACRIFICE pleasure in order to avoid pain. Arthur Schopenhauer 1788-1860, German Philosopher
Nothing so much enhances a good as to make SACRIFICEs for it. George Santayana 1863-1952, American Philosopher, Poet


Day 3: Clocking in at 12:56 AM Buenos Aires Time

* 2 Field Note Entries - Check
* 15 Min Structure Writing conference paper - Check
* Organize 2 participant files - sorta Check - pretty much done, but realize how much work I have with the organization of my data. Ohhhh . . .
* NSF Report part - NO Check. . .

Arrgg - I won't waste space posting my excuses, but I WILL say that I think i would have accomplished a lot less if I hadn't had this board waiting for me and my updates! Thanks everyone - and I hope we get at least a LITTLE bit of sleep tonight.

Thanks for the great quotes!


Hi all. Ok, I think I need to get in on this as I'm having serious difficulties in accomplishing my daily aims (and they're modest enough by any standards!!). I see problems ahead if I let this behaviour continue- and I'm already at a stage where the fear should be pushing me to produce. I also loved the J.B book and see that I really need to prioritize and make my work a daily addiction. So here goes- please hold me accountable and I will in turn keep a beady eye on all of you.
Today's objectives:
1. Produce a decent first draft of a segment of Chapter 2 (already have zero draft)
2. Go back and smooth out the transition between this segment and the one that precedes it.

Thundercats are go!!!


Hey guys! Am clocking in today its 9:41 in London.
Today's Aims:
1. Survive!!!

I have a meeting with both my supervisors this morning, so am preparing some bits to show them. This afternoon I am giving a presentation to some people in the department for a journal club.
Am just hoping that I am going to get through today OK, I don't really want to give the presentation and am nervous but I know that worrying isn't going to help. Will try and fit a practice in at around lunchtime if I can find somewhere quite. I practiced through a couple of times with my boyfriend last night, but he didn't have a clue what I was on about!

Anthropologa- Thanks for your support.

I hope everyone has a good day, and gets lots of work done! Wish me luck!!

Billys xx


Oh my lord my internet today! I made a post about an hour ago, but nothing went through. This connection is going to make me crazy!

Here goes:

Day 5 Goals:

1) Two Field Note Entries
2) 3 Participant Files
3) Structured Writing $ and Biomedicine

GOOD LUCK Silly Billy - let us know how you not only survive, but thrive!

See you all later!



just checking in - I handed in my theses yesturday however, to get to that stage I had to overcome, losing my car key, running to get my 3 year old to school, being involved in a car crash, internet not working and the list went on. I managed to achieve my end goal by 1pm. I am now working on two papers for a conference and looking for intersting roles within HE..i am a mentor for friends that are in either 3rd or 4th year of their PHDs. if I can be of any help just shout...


Clock out 9:45pm Hong Kong
Still waiting for the reply from my supervisor. Today I have been mainly reading and relaxing before she replies me. Tomorrow I will fly to Europe but will continue working from there, that means I will work at similar time with you guys. Will try to get online and report my working progress.
Good luck everyone and welcome new people.
"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”- Winston Churchill


zylynn, i loved those quotes about sacrifice thank you. I appreciated it.

okay my aims for today:

1. complete results section of chapter 4.
2. discussion section of chapter 4.


Hello *clocks in*

Thankyou everyone for your good wishes, I think it definatly helped! I think I sucessfully achieved todays aim-to survive! The presentation went ok, managed to keep going for approx 25 mins. And then we discussed it afterwoulds for about 20 mins. Nobody asked any akward questions either so my slides must have been informative. The meeting with my supervisors went well- it lasted 2 hours!! Talked through the presentation which really helped, they liked the slides and gave me some good ideas and I got to practice explaining a few things. Got some help with the analysis that I need to do, so it was very helpful in all.


I feel like I have achieved a lot today, and that I am making good progress. It is quite a liberating experience being forced to do something you don't really want to do, and suceeding in it. I actually feel like a PhD student today. Am going to have a break tonight and a lay in tomorrow as I think I have deserved it. Hopefully then I will feel refreshed to keep working on the PhD.

Anyways, hope everyone has been working hard tomorrow. I will catch up with all your posts tomorrow!