an interview, finally!!!!!!!!


An interview, finally!!!

Next week.

I know it is going to be tough, because I know some of the other competition.

I need to set myself apart from them somehow, but it has been years since I last had an interview, so I don't know what to do!!!


first congrats. my advice forget everything and know ur proposal. need to know details. measure


CONGRATS! Is this for a post-doc position?! x


Yes, a one year postdoc research project which has a pre-arranged theme that I need to convince the panel I can fulfill.


Hi Chris

Massive congrats, I too had my first 'proper' interview for a postdoc on tuesday and was offered it - so there is hope for everyone!

The biggest lesson I learned from the experience was to know their project proposal really well - ask for a copy of the project outline/case for support if they haven't already given you it. You need to convince them that although you have your own strenghts (and you should give some thought to how you would like to go about doing the project) you will also be able to fit into a team and not be some maverick who marches in and tries to reinvent the wheel.

I also got quite a lot of questions in the interview about how the post fitted into my longer term career plans, what I envisaged publishing from the project and which conferences it would be appropriate to present at, and some more general questions where they asked me about my previous research experience.

I'm not usually a fan of the careers service but I arranged a mock interview with them and they were great.

Good luck!


Thanks Heifer, and congratulations! This is all good advice, and stuff I will be thinking about before I go into the interview. Yes, a mock interview would be a good idea. In fact I will email the careers advice people now...


Can't really give any advice as I went into the private sector but congratulations!


The interview felt okay, but I stumbled badly on the first question and only barely managed to recover! :(


Fingers crossed for you Chrisolinski!! I hope you get the job!!

I have my first job interview next week and I'm bricking it!! For starters it's miles away, so I have to go down the day before, but it's also a day long affair and I have to give a presentation, and do an interview. Although lunch is included :-)

Do you have any advice after your interview??




Urgh. I didn't get it.

No advice. Clearly an almost finished PhD, 4 publications, a forthcoming popular article, two excellent scholarships and teaching experience etc isn't enough. FFS.

One piece of advice..well, be absolutely perfect in the interview with no nerves and no pauses or akward answers, because it is a employers market and they can have their pick. And, if you are young and don't have much experience, don't expect to have the job.

Bitter, moi? I'm too tired for that. Off to the temp agency next week. (sprout)


awww bummer! big hugs chrisrolinski, don't let it get you too down. Just keep looking and something will come up, what's for you won't pass you and all that. and good luck!