examination forms nightmare!


How do I get a hold of these examination forms???

i'm getting really irritated and frustrated, because they have still not sent them to me, but keep telling me to send them off!


I keep emailing the graduate officer, I have sent off the official forms to apply for the examination forms, I have written letters and made phone calls, but they still haven't sent me the examination forms! but write me letters saying that I must send off the examination forms asap! and submit my thesis by 30th september, or they will terminate my registration and i will fail.

they have given me a 1 month extention. which i am thankful for! which is really generous of them, i must admit!

(but i wont tell my supervisor about it, i want the extra month as a safety net) so i am still aiming for september 1st.

that way my supervisor wont threaten me to do more experiments.
he's already threatening me, that the decision to submit isn't just mine.


this is what the letter from my graduate officer said (which is really nice of them i must say!) i just got it in the post...

"I would like to confirm that you need to complete the examination entry forms as soon as possible. Although the university of london state they need 4 months between examination forms and submission of thesis, it is possible to submit examination entry forms and submit thesis within a four month period.

Therefore you should continue working on writing up your thesis and submit your final Phd thesis for examination no later than 30th sept 2008. should you fail to submit your thesis by this date, we will start proceedings to terminate your registration as a student

should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me"


now please can someone advice me, what i can do to get a hold of these bl**dy examination forms, because my emails and letters and phone calls keep getting ignored!!! they wont send me the d*mn examination forms, but keep telling me to send them off!

i even filled in the official form that "applies" for examination forms. and i called her, and she said, yeh i will post them to you, but it's been 2 weeks! and i emailed like 5 times!!
and now whenever i call, she's either not in the office or no one picks up.

i'm really stressing out. and it's a saturday, so i cant do anything all weekend.

shall i just go on monday and waste a day in getting these examination forms personally!!!!

what do i have to do, physically go into the university to get them?
when they have told me they can post them to me


Lara, I have electronic copies of them. If you have an anonymous email, post it on here, and I'll send you the info.

(Quit stressing!!! )


omg missspacey you're a life saver!!! thanks !!! i really appreciate that.

okay i just made a new email address.

thanks so much!!!

[email protected]


Lara, check your account.


Thanks miss spacey! i feel so much better now. i have printed them all out and read through the forms.

the only thing that's troubling me, is who signs the bit that says

"signature on behalf of the governing body of college" who's that meant to be?? is that meant to be my graduate tutor?



I haven't a clue as I haven't read them yet

I would have thought that would be the college registry, but your supervisor will know.


oh okay thanks good idea, i will ask my supervisor.

okay i'm just about to email my supervisor and organise a meeting with him this week. eeeeeeeek


question for you folks.

on the exam entry forms, you have to say either YES or NO, to the question

"i agree to my Supervisor being present at my oral examination is he or she wishes"

i am not sure. if i should say yes or no.

for people who have had their viva. was your supervisor there?

is it helpful having your supervisor there, or not? would you be more nervous having your supervisor there?

i really don't know. i doubt he would even want to be there, to be totally honest lol.


most people i know didn't have their supervisor in the viva. either because he/she didn't want to come or because they were too stressed by the thought.

but i've also heard of cases where the student wanted their supervisor to be there, just to have a more neutral perspective of what actually happened; and to have a friendly face to look at.

but given your not-so-great relations with your sup, i'd think that doesn't make a lot of sense in your case.


thanks Shani, thats what i was thinking too! i really wanted to say NO. thanks thats made it easier for me to decide.

you know i am feeling worried. his email is still troubling me.

his threat that the decision to submit isn't just mine. really p****d me off. after he always used to say, write papers first on your studies than you will have a greater chance of passing your phd. the ONLY reason i worked on the papers, was because i wanted to pass my phd. and now he turns around and says, he thought i wasnt going to submit! it's like what the h*ll..


is it possible he can prevent me from submitting my thesis. even if i get it completed by sept. if that's the case, i should go to my own university, and tell them right?

and what if i fail their mock viva and they thinks i cant defend my work in the real viva, then thinks its not even worth submitting my thesis.

but id rather just submit, and then take the chance. and fail because the examiners fail me, not because i failed his mock viva. or do you think he wants to prevent me to submit. to save the examiners from reading my thesis, and wasting time on a thesis that will fail?


im feeling stressed about it. they think i dont know enough about my subject. but i have 3 months, to write my thesis and learn everything there is to know about subjects by then. i just need to be given the chance

i'm just worried if he really can stop me from submitting my thesis.

and to think, he always used to say to me. write papers first, it will be so much easier to write your thesis then and pass your phd. because you have papers published. and now that i have this ultimate deadline. he's basically made me feel like i will fail because i havent written my thesis, and he thinks i cant defend my work. and thinks i write badly.

sorry i just had to let that out. it's been on my mind.


lol i really ought to re-read my posts, the grammer is all messed up.