Finally almost really done - post viva land


So I had my viva yesterday. I was VERY anxious. The viva was tough but I gave a fairly spirited defence. I know they say the outcome is generally decided before the viva but I think in my case the viva was really essential. When they called me back in and told me I had passed with minor corrections I confess I cried like a baby:p

Then I did get rather wasted....:$

And now I can't sleep and I'm hung over and my daughter will be bouncing out of bed soon. I really feel rather burned out on the whole thing and just want to take a complete break for a couple of weeks.


Wow! Congratulations!!! You fully deserve to feel relieved and take a break now. Once again, congratulations!(up)


Hooorray!!!!!!!!!! It's celebration time :-)



Smilodon, that is so fantastic!!! You must feel wonderful. Enjoy your break, you fully deserve it. Please come back and post again even though you've finished. I have to admit I feel slightly bereft by all the familiar names who are finishing up. But I can't wait to join you all (hopefully at the end of October). Congratulations (up)


Just wanted to say many congratulations!!!

thank you for your kind words of wisdom over the years! It must be such a relief!! Happy celebrations :)

Hopefully I'll be able to join you with celebrating end of PhD- IF I ever get there!


Dr Smilodon, well done!!!!

I'm handing-in next week and only just getting used to the idea of the thesis being done, let alone the whole thing.

Must be a fantastic, yet strange kinda feeling!


well done!!! many congratulations.

don't forget to give us mere mortals any tips on how you prepared for the viva, all help gratefully received.



Well done thats fantastic, you probably feel a bit empty though, enjoy your time off! When do you officially graduate, any plans for now?


That's great news, Dr Smilodon, I hope you feel very pleased with yourself!(up)

Were your examiners a bit taken aback by you crying at the result? It must have been such a relief for you though - another massive step towards the end!! Enjoy your break now, you have seriously earned it!


Congratulations! Enjoy your well-earned rest!


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Wonderful news!!

Its put a smile on my very anxious face!!

Enjoy it



Well done, I remember that feeling of deflation quite well.
Take as much time off before re-visiting the thing for corrections. (up)


congratulations!!! well done!

you deserve a well earned rest and some fun!!! (up)


Wonderful news. Well done you!


Thanks people!!

Ruby - I think they were indeed taken aback. It was quite a tough viva - brutal even in parts. No doubt I appeared confident and pretty assertive and perhaps that only encouraged more toughness but actually I felt ready to cry by about half way through the 3.5 hours. Having a short break was ruiness. Also I was genuinely nervous and unsure whether I would have to resubmit as several of my colleagues have done recently.

I didn't do as much prep as I planned. I felt kind of paralysed and unsure what to actually do. I read parts of Rowena Murray's book and thought about possible questions but only drafted a couple as answers. I reread some of the key papers and some new ones. Did some small bits of further back-up analysis. I did anticpate the key areas for grilling concerning the analysis - but it stiill felt like a rough ride actually dealing with it.

Got to run - bedtime story due....